For a limited time, we’re offering 100% free access to our powerful survey features and functionality. To start your trial, choose the Checkbox version that’s best for your organization. There’s no catch, and we don’t need a credit card. We’re just eager to show you what Checkbox can do.

Step 1:  Choose the Trial that’s Best for Your Organization

Online Subscription

  • Hosted in the cloud. Nothing to install.
  • Manage your surveys from any browser. Highly secure. Extremely affordable.
  • Best for organizations that want to start quickly, or are looking for the most economical solution.
  • Try it free for 14 days.
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On-Premises Software

  • Download & install in your own environment.
  • Most flexible solution. SDK, source code & OEM/white label licenses available.
  • Best for organizations with strict data security policies, or that want to schedule their own updates and maintenance.
  • Try it free for 30 days.
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