checkbox server edition installed survey software

What is Checkbox On-Premise Survey Software?

Checkbox’s On-Premises version includes the same core features as our cloud-hosted version, but it’s installed on your own servers or in your own hosted environment. Surveys are created and accessed online using any standard web browser. The on-premises version is best for organizations who need to maintain strict control over their data and survey environment.

Cost-Effective Perpetual License

Licenses for Checkbox’s on-premises edition are perpetual, meaning you pay a one-time, up-front license fee. You can then use that version of Checkbox for as long as you’d like, with no additional licensing costs. We also include the first year of maintenance with your license, which covers unlimited customer support and product updates (new features and enhancements). If you’d like to continue to receive access to support and updates, you can choose to renew your support plan for a low annual fee.

Microsoft .NET-Based Architecture

Checkbox is built on Microsoft’s .NET framework. Our software is highly secure, and designed for scalability, reliability, and high performance. Checkbox’s on-premises edition can be installed on both physical servers and virtual instances. (Amazon AWS, Rackspace Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and VMware Servers).

Checkbox releases major updates to the hosted and on-premises editions several times per year. Our optional support plans include a subscription to all product updates and new feature releases.

Data Security, Integrity, & Performance with SQL Server

Checkbox’s SQL Server back-end provides top of the line security that integrates with your windows domain. SQL Server’s performance diagnostics help you maintain optimal performance and efficiency at all times, while high-level fault tolerance helps ensure uptime reliability. SQL Server also gives you the ability to take advantage of custom reporting and data mining using SSRS and SSAS.

Active Directory Support

Integration with Active Directory is included in the on-premises Enterprise license. This feature allows AD users to sign into Checkbox using their existing AD credentials, removing the need for large organizations to set up and maintain yet another set of logins for their employees and users. AD users can be mapped to specific user roles and user groups in Checkbox, giving you complete control over permissions and access.

Checkbox also includes support for an unlimited number of Active Directory domains, allowing even the largest organizations to manage users with ease.

Performance & Scalability

High survey response volumes and large numbers of surveys or users are no problem for Checkbox. Our on-premises enterprise license supports installation in load balanced or web farm environments, such as Microsoft’s Network Load Balancer (NLB), Amazon Web Service’s Elastic Load Balancer (ELB), and F5.

Customization Options

The on-premises version gives you some extra white-label and customization options that aren’t available with our cloud-hosted version. Installing Checkbox on your own servers means you always get to specify your own domain and use your own email servers, so your survey respondents won’t need to ever see the Checkbox name or logo. You even have the option of adding your own logo and colors to the administrative interface, providing your survey creators with a custom-branded environment as well.

Add optional source code* to your license, and your customization and integration options are limitless. Add your own question types, change the layout of the software, integrate with other applications, and much more.

White Label & OEM

OEM and White-Label licenses give you the opportunity to create new revenue streams for your company by integrating Checkbox into your own software or rebranding and reselling it as a stand-alone survey tool. Learn more about our OEM and White-Label licensing options.

*Source code licenses are available for internal customer use only. If you wish to embed our source code in a product to sell, an OEM license is required as well.