How ESG surveys can help you improve your business prospects

How ESG surveys can help you improve your business prospects
ESG surveys can help companies identify and mitigate risks, improve business prospects, and achieve sustainable development goals. Learn how to use them to identify and prioritize key risks.

An ESG survey can be a powerful tool in helping you improve your business. It provides a snapshot of how your organization performs in areas such as resource management, social responsibility, and corporate governance, allowing you to make changes that will benefit both your bottom line and the environment.

And when you find an effective tool for conducting ESG surveys, you know you are on a good way to improving your ESG strategy.

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In this article, we will explain how you can use ESG surveys to improve your business prospects and change the way consumers, employees, and investors see your company.

Why ESG matters

By considering ESG, companies can demonstrate a commitment to sustainability, which is becoming increasingly important in today's marketplace.

Companies that score higher on ESG surveys are more likely to attract investment and are better positioned to succeed in the long run.

Investing in ESG is no longer seen as a gesture of goodwill but as an essential part of the business. 

Let's discuss why consumers, employees, and investors today are concerned with ESG issues.

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Importance of ESG for consumers 

ESG factors are increasingly important for consumers when making purchasing decisions. Those factors can range from carbon emissions to labor practices to diversity and inclusion policies.

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Today ESG reporting occurs in many companies, and customers use this information to make sure they are spending their money on products and services produced by companies that are committed to sustainability and ethical practices.

Knowing a company's ESG performance can give consumers peace of mind that their dollars are being spent responsibly and that they are supporting companies actively working to reduce their climate footprint and make positive social change.

Importance of ESG for investors

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ESG is gaining critical importance for investment decision-making, because ESG disclosure can tell investors a lot about a company's future performance.

ESG metrics are often used to identify companies with higher levels of sustainability, which can help investors avoid potential financial risks in the future.

ESG metrics and case studies can also be used to identify companies with strong environmental and social practices, which can lead to better returns in the long run.

How ESG impacts young investors 

For young investors, ESG investing is more than just a trend—it's a way to impact the world.

ESG-focused investments are concentrated on companies leading the way on sustainability, fight against climate change, social justice, and ethical business practices. This means that by wise investment, decision-making, and allocating money to ESG companies, young investors are doing more than just making a profit—they want to contribute to a better world.

ESG investing can also be beneficial from a financial standpoint. Most companies focused on social, governance, and environmental issues have been shown to have better long-term returns and lower levels of risk.

By choosing companies focused on ESG efforts, young investors can help create a better world while protecting their long-term financial future.

Importance of ESG for employees 

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Whether a company follows an ESG strategy is an essential consideration for employees. Companies that prioritize ESG are more likely to prioritize employee satisfaction and well-being. Employees are more likely to access better benefits and more competitive wages.

Companies that are focused on ESG targets also tend to be more ethical and transparent when it comes to their business practices. This means that employees can trust that the company is honest with them and has their best interests in mind.

Additionally, organizations that take ESG seriously tend to be more mindful of their environmental impact, which benefits both the planet and the employees.

Working for an organization that concentrates on ESG goals can give employees a sense of pride and purpose, knowing they can contribute to something bigger than themselves. So, we can rightfully say that ESG commitment positively affects employee engagement.

Things you need to know about ESG surveys 

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Surveys are an essential tool for monitoring the ESG strategy of your company, as they can help you:

  • Gain valuable insights into how your employees, customers, and stakeholders view your company's ESG efforts.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to progress and make sure that your organization is focusing on right sustainitability performance indicators.
  • Identify areas of improvement and ensure that your ESG strategy is making a positive impact.
  • Measure and track your progress over time, giving you a better understanding of how your efforts make a difference.
  • Ensure that your initiatives are tailored to the needs of your employees and consumers and that they are realistic and achievable.
  • Gain a better understanding of your respondents' views on ESG issues and their expectations for your company in terms of ESG performance.
  • Stand out from the crowd and attract more investors.

The bottom line is that by collecting investor, employee, and customer feedback and understanding the sustainability challenges that your organization is facing, you can improve your ESG strategy and increase your chances of success.

One very important thing that you should keep in mind is that honesty is of critical importance when it comes to ESG reporting. It's better to showcase that your organization understands the concern of your survey respondents and the scope of work that needs to be done to face the challenges than to attempt to mislead investors, partners and employees by claiming that research shows that things are better than they truly are.

A company willfully misrepresenting its ESG performance data risks being branded a "greenwasher", which can prove to be detrimental for business outcomes and the credibility of its leadership.

How Checkbox can help you have a better ESG survey experience 

Checkbox is a cloud-based software offering flexible and professional online survey tools. It allows you to craft customized surveys with a pro and attractive look that work great on any device.

Customize your survey style in just a few clicks.

With Checkbox, creating an effective ESG survey for your investors, customers, or employees is only a matter of minutes. It allows you to gather insights on improving your social and governance ESG and provides plenty of tips for sustainability teams on setting ESG goals.

Checkbox allows you to choose from more than ten types of questions.

Whether you use closed or open-ended questions, the tool will provide you with survey findings thanks to automation and email alerts. The technology provides real-time reports to help you get the most from your survey data.

From sliders and star ratings to drop-down menus and the matrix - the choice is yours.

Survey findings can help you plan your ESG activities properly and navigate your company toward higher sustainability results.


Fulfilling the needs of society in terms of the protection of natural resources, equitable growth, and employment creation is dependent on governments and on well-administered businesses. To become one of those businesses, you must implement the best environmental, social, and governance practices. 

An ESG survey is the best tool to help your company's transformation. 

Sign up for a 14-day free trial with Checkbox and create your first ESG survey today.


  • What companies are using ESG surveys? 

ESG surveys are becoming increasingly popular among businesses looking to gain insights into their environmental, social, and corporate governance practices.

Companies like Microsoft, Google, and Apple use ESG surveys to measure their sustainability practices and ensure that they operate ethically and responsibly.

In addition, many financial services companies have adopted ESG surveys to measure their environmental and societal impact. Companies such as Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan use ESG surveys to analyze their performance and identify improvement areas.

ESG surveys are also becoming popular among other industries, such as hospitality, retail, and travel.

  • What is an ESG survey? 

An ESG survey is an Environmental, Social, and Governance survey.

It is a tool companies use to assess their performance in these three areas and identify areas of improvement.

  • Why is ESG good for business? 

Adopting ESG standards can be beneficial for businesses in many ways. For starters, it can help companies reach higher sustainability. By implementing ESG standards, businesses can reduce their environmental impact, contributing to cost reduction. 

Additionally, it can help companies become more socially responsible. By taking a stand on ethical issues, businesses can build trust with their customers and strengthen their reputation. 

And lastly, it can help improve governance. By having clear policies, companies can ensure their operations comply with regulations and industry standards.

  • Are ESG portfolios worth it? 

Investing in an ESG portfolio is becoming increasingly popular, and for a good reason. 

ESG portfolios are focused on ethical, socially responsible, and environmentally conscious investments. This type of portfolio helps to ensure that investors are financing companies with good reputations and are working to reduce their carbon footprint and other negative environmental impacts. 

Investing in an ESG portfolio can have many other advantages. For example, companies that follow ESG principles often have higher employee engagement and loyalty, which translates into higher productivity and lower turnover. They also often have higher customer satisfaction and retention rates, leading to better financial performance. 

In short, investing in an ESG portfolio can be a great way to invest ethically while potentially reaping the financial benefits.

February 10, 2023
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How ESG surveys can help you improve your business prospects

ESG surveys can help companies identify and mitigate risks, improve business prospects, and achieve sustainable development goals. Learn how to use them to identify and prioritize key risks.