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Checkbox is launching the most fully-featured and generous trial product to actually provide valuable insights through surveys.

Checkbox has been in the CX and Survey Software market for more than 20 years. Over that time, we’ve had the pleasure to learn from our customers and serve thousands of organizations along the way. As we look ahead to the next 20 years, we realize that survey software has become a commodity in the eyes of many organizations. Asking questions of your clients, patients, staff, or stakeholders is easier than ever, but many survey providers are shifting focus from being software providers to becoming response brokers, coming in between organizations and the customers that they’ve worked hard to acquire. 

To prove this shift, take a look at the “Free Trials” offered from our many competitors. They all seem great for generating interest but fail when it comes to actually providing business value. It’s as if the brands we compete with, that claim to be experts in customer experience, forgot what their software aims to provide…valuable insights!

While we’ve stayed away from free trials for almost the entire lifetime of our company, we want to set a standard for what a valuable product in our space looks like. Starting today, Checkbox is launching the most fully-featured and generous trial product to actually provide valuable insights through surveys.

Why Checkbox Free Stands Out

Checkbox Free sets a new benchmark by including features typically found only in paid plans of other survey providers. Businesses will have access to unlimited surveys and responses, unlimited questions, over 50 question types, advanced question logic, and customizable templates. This enables organizations to extract valuable insights from their data without the usual restrictions.

The core components for creating effective surveys are available for free. This approach ensures that organizations can benefit from powerful surveying tools without financial barriers. All businesses will be able to experiment with our fully-featured and robust survey software for 30 days, with no limits, allowing for comprehensive research and campaigns. Healthcare providers will benefit from an extended access period of 90 days.

What Our Competitors Are Missing

Many of our competitors, including Alchemer (formerly SurveyGizmo), Qualtrics, QuestionPro, LimeSurvey, and SurveyMonkey, limit their free offerings significantly. For example, they often restrict the number of responses, questions, and advanced features, pushing users to upgrade to paid plans to access essential functionalities.

In contrast, Checkbox Free provides:

  • Unlimited Surveys and Responses: Unlike competitors, our free plan allows you to conduct as many surveys as needed and gather unlimited responses, ensuring you can collect comprehensive data without limitations.
  • Advanced Question Logic: Sophisticated survey creation is possible with advanced branching and logic features included in Checkbox Free, which are typically reserved for paid plans by others.
  • Customization Options: Create professional, on-brand surveys with customizable templates and over 50 question types available from the start.

These features enable companies to fully utilize our tools and gather meaningful insights without hidden costs or unexpected upgrades. By removing these barriers, Checkbox Free supports more advanced survey needs and real-world use cases right out of the box. When organizations are ready to provision additional users or accelerate their programs with features such as regional data hosting, campaigns for survey distribution, integrations with other systems or workflows, and so on, it is a seamless and cost effective upgrade.

A Commitment to Value

We know that a good survey program is composed of three essential aspects: well-designed surveys, efficient distribution, and robust analysis tools. Checkbox Free includes the critical elements needed to create well-designed surveys, enabling organizations to gather and analyze data effectively from day one. While our competitors may focus on creating barriers to push users towards paid plans, Checkbox Free is designed to deliver essential survey tools without hidden costs or unexpected upgrades.

Trusted by Customers

For over two decades, Checkbox has built a reputation for prioritizing customer needs and delivering reliable, powerful survey solutions. Customers such as CX Group, which switched from Qualtrics to Checkbox, have already stated that we will be their survey tool for the foreseeable future. Our new free trial reflects our commitment to our customers, ensuring that even our non-paying users can achieve significant business outcomes.

Join Us in the Future of Surveying

Checkbox Free isn't just about what we offer today; it's about setting a new standard for the future of survey software. We are dedicated to continuous improvement, ensuring that our users have access to the tools they need to succeed.

With Checkbox Free, businesses can create well-designed surveys, distribute them efficiently, and gather data that drives real insights and decisions. We invite you to join us in this journey and experience the difference with Checkbox Free.

Stay tuned for more updates and sign up to Checkbox Free now.

June 19, 2024
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