Pulse Surveys for Employee Engagement


Pulse surveys are a quick, focused way to inform your organization's decision making. Find out how pulse surveys can boost your employee engagement with Checkbox.

Pulse Surveys for employee engagement are targeted questionnaires that will give you perspective on a particular workplace subject at a particular moment.

Whereas larger-scale or less regular surveys may cover a long list of feedback topics, employee pulse surveys hone in on specific areas with monofocus.

Pulse surveys are an effective employee satisfaction tool, as their focused nature will help you quickly understand your team with better clarity, and to make the changes staff want to see. 

Discover the benefits of pulse survey templates, and let Checkbox show you how employee pulse surveys will push your business forward. Get started by requesting a free demo and unlock the power of pulse surveys for employee engagement!

What are Pulse Surveys for Employee Engagement?

Pulse surveys’ definition is less strict than some other survey types, and therefore come with a high degree of flexibility. Whereas engagement surveys and employee lifecycle surveys have a very specific focus, pulse surveys can easily vary in topic and questions.

A key feature of pulse surveys is their frequency. Employee pulse surveys are typically sent out monthly or quarterly and with only a handful of questions. They are highly-targeted to focus on specific areas, with some key uses including employee engagement, change management, and workplace satisfaction.

Aims of Pulse Surveys for Employee Engagement

While more detailed, less regular surveys aim to understand the intricate details of how employees feel, pulse surveys look to capture real-time insights into employee sentiment.

As they are sent so frequently, it's especially important to build a strong online pulse survey template for your company. This operates as a foundation on which you build a wide range of pulse surveys, covering a wide range of worklife areas.

Although pulse surveys aim to assess employee engagement, the aim of this assessment is to improve client, customer, and patient care.

This is particularly important for industries like healthcare, where quality of patient care really can be a case of life and death. By understanding, and thereby boosting, employee motivation, pulse surveys take this client service and patient care seriously.

Checkbox is a powerful employee pulse survey tool with a comprehensive survey template library. And if you need further help setting-up a pulse survey, our Help Center houses plenty of frequently asked questions, or you can reach out for some help through Live Chat.

What are Pulse Surveys Good For?

Getting Real-Time Insights into Your Employees' Perspective

Collecting data frequently is the way to keep your finger on the pulse. When you're analyzing pulse surveys results, you'll know for sure that the feedback you receive is up to date and relevant.

This is important for multiple reasons. Firstly, up-to-date feedback is more valuable. Making changes on the basis of recent viewpoints ensures that actions will have the most immediate, meaningful impact.

Secondly, online survey data is extra insightful as it gives you a stock of data from previous pulse survey results to compare to. This means you can track where the value of actions has most been felt to ensure that future actions focus on the right areas.

And as a bonus, listening to employee feedback and addressing the issues raised boosts staff trust and morale, as it shows that improving the workplace is a priority for the leadership team.

Fostering Transparency in your Organization

It's one thing to let your employees know that feedback is welcome, but real transparency is fostered when leaders actively request that feedback. 

By asking questions and prompting responses from your team, you let them know that transparent communication is encouraged, valued, and respected.

Repay transparency with respect through Checkbox's anonymous online survey platform. Our online employee pulse survey tool offers full anonymity to maintain trust between team members and leaders when conducting pulse surveys. 

Securing Efficient Decision Making in your Workplace

Change management can often be an inefficient – and costly – process, involving a lot of committee-think and second-guessing. But when you get answers to specific change management pulse survey questions, the deliberation stage of decision making is expedited. 

This can be especially valuable in healthcare organizations. When the teams on the ground delivering the service are separate from stakeholders and decision makers, pulse surveys are a key way for the latter to stay in touch with the former. This way, medical professionals can have their input taken into account by decision makers,

No need to spend time discussing which adjustments different groups within your organization want to see, as this information is readily available. All you need to do is act on those requirements.

Online surveys with honest feedback cut out lengthy discussions and deliberations. And in-built analytics and reporting features make interpreting pulse survey results easy – empowering leaders to make efficient, effective decisions that benefit the organization and the members within it.

How to Create a Pulse Survey for Employee Engagement

You need to send pulse surveys for employee engagement often, so we recommend that you build out a pulse survey template that can be refined for particular topics. 

It's important that the objectives of your survey are clear – a brief introduction coupled with clear, concise questions will ensure that respondents understand the purpose of the survey, and get you the best pulse survey results.

Pulse surveys for employee engagement should cover specific topics, rather than being multi-sectioned with a wide ranging view – resist the template to mix company culture feedback with change management pulse survey questions, and instead split out into two surveys.

And employee pulse surveys are, by nature, briefer than other survey types. To prevent 'survey fatigue' keep your surveys short and to-the-point so that you can keep conducting them regularly.

Examples of Pulse Survey Questions

Pulse survey templates are designed to be flexible, and can question employees about a wide range of topics.

They're particularly well-suited for asking questions about workplace satisfaction – including job descriptions, communication, interpersonal relationships, working environment, motivation, and personal development.

Meanwhile, change management pulse survey questions ask for feedback on how employees are adapting to recent changes within your organization.

Here are some example HR pulse survey questions to get you inspired – what will you ask your team?

  • Do you feel that your contributions to the team are satisfactorily recognised and rewarded?
  • Are you satisfied with opportunities for professional development within the organization?
  • How satisfied are you with the recent integration of X team into Y team?
  • Do you feel comfortable providing feedback to your line manager or supervisor?
  • How clearly do you understand the organization and your team’s objectives?

Pulse Survey for Employee Engagement Summary

Pulse surveys for employee engagement benefit those who comprise an organization, as well as the company itself. 

They capture feedback from employees that speaks to a specific moment, which is vital for making effective decisions that will result in a meaningful impact.

Pulse survey templates are especially useful for tracking employee morale and engagement, as their regularity enables you to continuously track and adjust to feedback.

To unlock the power of pulse surveys on employee engagement, request a free demo with Checkbox and start your survey journey today.

May 29, 2024
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