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Empower Your Patient Feedback with Checkbox Surveys in Canada

Empower Your Patient Feedback with Checkbox Surveys in Canada

Compliant Healthcare Feedback Made Simple

Healthcare survey software plays a crucial role in gathering sensitive information from patients efficiently and securely. With the strict adherence to data security measures and compliance with HIPAA guidelines, Checkbox ensures the confidentiality and security of patient information, safeguarding privacy and minimizing the risk of data breaches.

Implement our HIPAA and PIPEDA Ready patient experience platform to drive improved outcomes. 

  • Gather unbiased & honest patient feedback by automating the way you send medical surveys. 
  • Send feedback campaigns however you already connect with your patients: SMS, Email, Web, iFrame or leverage our REST API.
  • Analyse what patients & families really think about your care with Checkbox's powerful analytics. For custom reporting integrate it to your own data warehouse.
  • Our drag-and-drop interface requires no coding experience and lets you start your feedback collection as soon as you create an account.
Canadian Market isn't just English

On parle français aussi! 

We know that the Canadian Market isn't just English. Checkbox caters to the diverse Canadian market by allowing surveys to be conducted in French and enabling administrators to work in their preferred language. Checkbox supports multi-language surveys, right-to-left language types and makes the reporting easy to filter and combine for aggregate insights.

Why chose Checkbox to run your Healthcare surveys? 

Canadian Hosting

Checkbox offers flexible hosting solutions to support the Canadian healthcare industry in adhering to The Privacy Act, PIPEDA, and maintaining data sovereignty in the country. By providing customizable and compliant data management options, Checkbox ensures that Canadian clients can meet specific regulatory requirements and data privacy concerns. The secure hosting services are dedicated to collecting crucial customer feedback and sensitive data in line with Canadian and provincial privacy laws, with advanced features for online survey creation, distribution, and analysis all within Canada.

Immediate Start

With Checkbox, deploy your personalized healthcare surveys instantly. Our library of templates, over 50 question types, customizable surveys, and brand-aligned in-app experience—including colors, fonts, and logos—empower you to begin collecting patient feedback right away. Our user-friendly, no-code visual editor is designed for ease, making patient feedback collection simple from the start.

Robust Analytics

Quickly analyze survey results with our comprehensive analytics and enhance your insights by integrating Checkbox with other data sources for a complete overview of your progress.

Flexibility of Deployment & Security

Checkbox's unique flexibility in hosting options—SaaS, On-Premises, or Private Cloud—can be tailored to meet your specific data and privacy security needs, supported by exceptional technical assistance. Once operational, manage detailed access controls for both administrators and respondents to ensure security and compliance.

BAA & Data Sovereignty

Our commitment to your success is as strong as our commitment to data security. Choose your preferred data storage region or opt for self-hosting to achieve maximum security.

Checkbox has all the features you need in one platform


Main competitors


CAHPS and HIPAA-compliant surveys
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No-code survey editor
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Dynamic user profiles
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Campaign manager
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Advanced security and permissions
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Robust analytics and reporting
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White label and custom design
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Real-time analytics
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Survey design customization
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Multi-language surveys
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Left to right languages
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Affordable pricing
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Easy to use
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Learning curve
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Comparison made between Checkbox and the main competitors in the market.
Checkbox is the only one that provides all the listed features in one platform

Why Checkbox?


Branded Look & Feel

Flexible Hosting

Security & Permissions


Analytics & Reporting

Human Support

Integration & REST API

No Code Editor

Dynamic User Profiles

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Our excellence in providing an all-encompassing healthcare survey platform is evidenced by our direct comparison with leading competitors. Checkbox is the unrivalled choice for healthcare providers who value patient experience, data security, and comprehensive service all in one platform.

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