Checkbox survey software is available as a cloud-hosted annual subscription or on-premises installable software.

Both versions include the same great features and are managed online from any standard web browser.

Choose the version that works best for you below to learn more. Or contact us if you need help deciding or have any questions on our plans.

Cloud-Hosted (SaaS) Subscriptions

Checkbox’s cloud-hosted plans are affordable, quick to set up, and offer secure hosting through Amazon AWS. Choose to host your Checkbox account in the US, Canada, EU, or Australia.

Hosted plans start at $480/yr and are best for organizations who don’t want to enlist the help of IT for setup or maintenance.

Detailed Pricing

On-Premises (Installed) Software

The on-premises version of our survey software is installed on your own servers or hosted environment and allows you to completely control who has access to your data. It also increases your customization options, with access to our developer toolssource code and OEM/white label options.

Perpetual licenses starts at $4,900 and are best for organizations with strict data privacy or software update policies.

Detailed Pricing