When is an OEM or White-Label license needed?

Our standard licenses allow you to use Checkbox for your own internal business purposes only. An OEM or White Label license is needed if you are looking to integrate Checkbox into a software or solution that you license or re-sell to your customers or other third-party users, or if you want to re-brand Checkbox and re-sell or distribute it outside of your organization.

If you’re just looking to customize your surveys with your branding and URL, you don’t need a special license. Check out our standard cloud-hosted plans or on-premises licenses.

What’s the Difference Between OEM & White Label Licenses?

An OEM license allows you to incorporate Checkbox into your own software or solution. You can then sell or license the combined product or service as your own. An OEM license allows you to combine your strengths with ours, to create something new.

A White-label license allows you to re-brand Checkbox and sell or license it as your own stand-alone survey software.

OEM & White Label Pricing

Both OEM & White Label licenses are more expensive than our standard on-premises software licenses because they allow you to distribute Checkbox outside of your organization to create new revenue streams. They also include access to our source code for additional customization and integration options. Actual pricing is implementation-specific, depending on the license type needed, the length of the agreement, and number of end users. Contact us for details.

Build vs. Buy

The most common question we receive from our OEM and White Label customers is “why should I buy Checkbox versus build my own solution?” We can’t necessarily answer that question for you since every situation is unique, but we can offer some insight gleaned from our years of experience working with our customers.

When analyzing a build vs. buy decision, it’s important to look at the total cost of ownership and maintenance for each option, as well as consider the value of a product’s ‘under the hood’ functionality. It’s true that you may be able to design and build a relatively simple survey solution for less than the cost of purchasing an OEM license for Checkbox or a similar product. But don’t underestimate the development cost of functionality like user management or security/performance enhancements that will allow you to scale – this functionality is often included in OEM licenses as part of the core product. Also remember to factor in the cost of future development, which is often included in annual support contracts for a fraction of what you’d pay to develop those features on your own.

Contact us to discuss your own build vs. buy decision or any other questions you may have.

Current OEM & White Label Customers

Our OEM & White Label licenses include privacy agreements, so we can’t name names. That said, here’s how a few organizations are using Checkbox to create unique revenue opportunities:

  • A patient engagement software company uses Checkbox to drive the patient survey component of its product
  • A government information solutions company incorporates Checkbox technology in its government-agency software package
  • A major university uses Checkbox as part of its custom social networking platform
  • A technology company uses a version of Checkbox to help users build their own mobile apps
  • A developer of clinical trial solutions uses Checkbox to collect electronic patient data
  • A developer of workforce analytics solutions offers Checkbox as a survey module to allow their clients to create and send employee engagement, exit and onboarding surveys

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