Streamline data collection with Checkbox Surveys

Online forms are a requirement for any business with a digital presence. They can be used for a multitude of functions including generating leads, collecting and updating customer contact information, patient intake, employee time sheets, job routing forms, and much more. Rather than overspending on customized solutions for each of your data collection needs, consider utilizing online surveys, with powerful logic and workflow features, to streamline and simplify your organization’s online form and data collection processes. After all, a survey is really just a form with a different purpose – collecting and/or updating a specific type of data.

Flexible Question Types & Formatting

Choose from a large variety of question types such as open text, multiple choice, drop downs and more. Add standard or custom validation rules to your open text questions to ensure your users are entering valid information into your forms – validate on proper email address, phone number or postal code formats, alpha-numeric combinations, integers in a certain range, and much more. You can even create your own validation rules if you need something custom such as a specific number format for employee or patient id numbers. Choose from Checkbox’s standard layouts or add your own CSS for even more flexible formatting of your online forms.

Create & Save Form Templates

The Checkbox Templates features allows you to store frequently used questions (or entire forms/surveys) for use in future forms. This is a serious time-saver if you use the same questions repeatedly in your online forms. Instead of taking a minute or two to recreate each question, use Checkbox’s Template feature to insert one or many questions into your new form in just seconds. This can save you hours of question creation over time, and also helps ensure that your wording and formatting are consistent across all forms. Templates also include permissions settings, so you can share your most commonly-used forms and questions with your team without compromising the original.

Easy Contact Management

Checkbox surveys can be used to capture, edit and manage contact and other information from your online form and survey respondents. For example, you can easily create forms to collect respondent contact information, sensitive employee, patient or customer data, or to register students for classes or clients for upcoming marketing events. Information that is collected in Checkbox surveys and forms can be automatically saved into a respondent’s Contact Profile. This allows you to display that information it in a subsequent form in case your users need to update it, or to segment reports and groups by known profile data.

Custom Branding & Mobile Forms

Online forms that reflect your brand and work seamlessly with your website help evoke a feeling of trust with users who are providing sensitive data. You can completely customize your surveys by adding your own custom header and logo, choosing fonts and colors, formatting buttons text and colors, or adding background images and custom CSS. Checkbox surveys are fully mobile- responsive, so users can fill out your forms on any device. Surveys can even be embedded in your website or intranet portal for a completely seamless survey taking experience.