Whether you’re using an online subscription or the installed server edition of our survey software, Checkbox offers best-in-class features for survey creation, distribution, data collection and analysis. And because few of us work in a vacuum, our software is built with team collaboration features at every step of the way.

Survey Questions & Structure

With our deep question-type library and advanced survey logic tools, it’s easy to create the survey you need, whether it’s a simple Net Promoter Score survey or a complex survey with conditional logic and a variety of question types.

Design Customization

You have complete control over the look & feel of your surveys. Everything is customizable. The Checkbox name & logo doesn’t appear. Create a pure, on-brand respondent experience on any device, mobile or desktop.

Survey Distribution

Send your surveys to respondents using our integrated email platform. High volumes are no problem. Share your survey via social media, or embed your survey on your website. Send an automated email reminder to boost response.

Data Security

Checkbox is fully equipped with SSL encryption and multiple permisssion layers, at both the application and individual survey levels. Password-protect surveys and set limits on the responses received from each recipient.

Response Reporting & Analysis

Checkbox provides flexible, real-time response reporting that gets you to actionable data as quickly as possible. Automated scoring and statistical analysis improves data utility. Intelligent filtering improves data relevance.

Survey Follow-up Automation

Automate important actions in response to incoming survey data. Display dynamic in-survey messages. Show respondents how their answers compare to others. Set up internal alerts and react to new learning as soon as it comes in.
  • React to live responses with in-survey messaging.
  • Set up internal triggers and email alerts.