customized mobile-friendly survey design

White Label Surveys

Checkbox gives you full control over the look and feel of your surveys. Use our style sheets to easily add logos, background images/colors, and custom headers/footers, as well as specify your survey’s font styles and colors for consistent formatting. Create a single, default style sheet for all surveys in your account or customize one for each survey, client or brand – it’s your choice.

Need even more customization options? Checkbox also gives you freedom to edit the CSS of each survey. Adding custom CSS allows you to change the layout of the survey, the look and feel of options like progress bars and radio buttons, and much more.

And you never need to worry about the Checkbox name or logo appearing on your surveys. All of our plans and licenses allow you to white-label your surveys so that your own brand, never ours, is what your respondents see and remember.

View the sample surveys below for examples of white label branding:

Seamless Mobile Experience

Checkbox surveys look and perform beautifully on any standard PC, mobile phone or tablet browser. Built-in mobile browser detection automatically senses when a user is on a mobile phone or tablet and adjusts the survey’s fit and style accordingly. Questions are re-formatted, mobile templates are applied, and bandwidth-sucking background images are removed, all without any extra effort from you or your respondent.

Copy and paste this link into your mobile browser to see a live mobile survey:

Branded Account URLs

When you set up your hosted account with us, you have the opportunity to create a semi-custom account URL. This URL is exclusive to you. You’ll use it to login and create your surveys, and it’s also the URL that will be included in the survey links you send out to your respondents. Depending on the account name that you choose and the country that you choose to host your data in, your URL may look something like this:

Hosted in the US:      [YOUR_COMPANY]
Hosted in Canada:     [YOUR_COMPANY]
Hosted in the EU:       [YOUR_COMPANY]
Hosted in Australia:   [YOUR_COMPANY]

If you’d like to white-label your account URL and use your own domain, you’re welcome to do so with our Enterprise plan.

Our on-premises software also allows you to use your own domain for Checkbox since the software is installed on your own servers.