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Basic Team Enterprise Server Enterprise

The Basics

Unlimited Surveys
Unlimited Questions
Unlimited Responses
Unlimited Style Templates
Hosted by us
Runs on your servers
Accessed via Web Browser
Online Support
Priority Priority Optional Optional
Phone Support
Priority Priority Optional Optional

Account Limits

Licensed Users 1 5 15 25+ 5 Unlimited
Emails per Month 10,000 25,000 50,000 100,000 Unlimited Unlimited
Uploaded File Storage Limits 2GB 4GB 8GB N/A N/A

Survey Creation

At -a-Glance Dashboard View
Drag and Drop Controls
Real-time Preview & Testing
Question Randomization
Answer Randomization
Copy Survey Feature
Survey Import & Export (XML)

Question & Display Types

Radio Button (select one)
Checkbox (select many)
Dropdown Menu
Single-Line Free Text
Multi-Line Free Text
Single Type Matrix (table)
Multi-Type Matrix (table)
Rating (Likert) Scale
Star Rating
Rank Order
Slider Item
Max Diff
Net Promoter Score
Signature Item
File Upload
Display HTML Item
Display Message
Display Report Item
Display Image
Display Scoring Message
Display Current Score
Display Response Summary

Logic & Events

Conditions Based on Responses
Conditions Based on User Profile
Conditions Based on Survey Data
Same-Page Conditions
Branching (Skip) Logic
Logic Event – URL Redirect
Logic Event – Send an Email
Logic Event – Custom Message
Logic Event – Display Report
Email Alerts
Email Response Notifications
Automatically Update a User Profile

Advanced Features

Merge Previous Answers/Questions
Merge User Profile Data
Merge Survey Data
Query String Hidden Items
Collect Cookie or Session Data
Question Libraries
Scored Surveys
Scoring by Page
Score-Based Messages
Custom JavaScript Item
Survey-wide CSS and JavaScript
Multi-Language Surveys
API/Web Services

Style & Branding

Use Your Own Domain
Account Sub-Domains 1 1 1 1 N/A N/A
Create Custom Style Templates
Add Custom Header/Footer
Add Custom Background
Customize Colors/Fonts
Custom Button Text
Real-time Style Preview
Style Template Import/Export

Users & Teams

User Groups/Teams
Share/Restrict Survey Access
Share/Restrict Report Access
Share/Restrict Style Access
Share/Restrict Library Access
User Import
Custom User Attributes
User Registration Function
Forgot Password Feature
Encrypted passwords and database connection

Security & Permissions

Public Surveys
Password Protected Surveys
Registered User Surveys
Invitation Only Surveys
Custom Access Control List
Show or Hide Back Button
Set Survey Start and End Date
Survey Total & Per User Quota
Application-Level Security
SSL Support
Active Directory Support

Survey Distribution

Distribute via Public Link
Embed in Website
Share via Facebook
Share via Twitter
Share via LinkedIn
Share via Google+
HTML or Text Email Invitations
Invite Users, User Groups, Email Lists
Merge User Data into Invitations
Track Invitation Response Rates
Send Reminders
Invitation Bounce Reporting
Invitation Complaint Reporting
Process Invitation Opt-Outs
Optional Auto-Login

Results Analysis

.CSV Export
SPSS (.SAV) Export
Statistics Table for Rating Scale
Average Score
Average Score by Page
Net Promoter Score Reports
Matrix Summary
Response Details
Column Graph
Line Graph
Pie Chart
Bar Graph
Doughnut Chart
Summary Table
Report Filters
Report Sharing Permissions
Export Reports to PDF
Export Charts as Images