survey response reporting and analytics

Response Exports

Flexible Data Formats

Export your responses as a .csv or .sav file, for use in Excel, SPSS, or any software that supports those file types.

Along with your survey responses, you can choose to include detailed information about your response (such as the start/end dates) and information about your respondents (such as their email addresses). You can also include incomplete responses, test responses, and other response data.

Automate Data Export Using the API & Webhooks

While you’re free to export your survey data from within Checkbox at any time, you can also automate that process by using our API. Set up an export nightly, weekly, etc. and automatically save your new survey responses to another database, reporting system or file. Using the API to export your survey data will save time and manual work and allow you to spend more time on the important task of analyzing your results.

You can also add webhooks to your survey in order to push response data to another location in real time. Webhooks can be used to send responses to another software or database or to integrate with other applications using their API or a service like Zapier.

Survey Reporting

Analyze your survey results in real-time by creating branded summary reports that can be viewed or shared live, or exported for easy distribution.

Large Selection of Charting Options

Create powerful reports by choosing from an extensive list of charting options:

  • Bar, Column, Line, Pie Graphs
  • Line and Doughnut Charts
  • Average Score and Average Score by Page Graphs
  • Response Detail Tables, Summary Tables and Word Clouds for open text
  • Matrix Summary Tables with Average
  • Statistical Tables calculating Mean, Median, Mode, Standard Deviation
  • Net Promoter Score Reporting & Calculation
  • MaxDiff Summary Tables
  • CrossTabs
  • Trend Over Time Graph for NPS and Scored Surveys
  • Filtered Reports

Quick Summary & Custom Reports

Standard reports can be created in a single click using our Quick Report feature, allowing you to view and analyze your survey data quickly and efficiently.

Or, if your reporting needs are more specific, you can create custom dashboard reports and choose from our large selection of report and chart types, each with a number of different display and customization options. Custom reports even allow you to report on multiple surveys in a single dashboard.

Once your report is created, run or refresh it any time for real-time results.

Report Filtering

Filters can be added to any report so you can view and analyze a subset of your survey data. You can filter on a certain date range, based on the answer to one or more questions, or based on information about your user. For instance, if your respondents answered a question that asked their age, you could create a filtered version of your report for a specific age range. Or if you already knew the gender of your respondents and had stored that information in their user profiles, you could create a report filter based on age and gender.

Create static filters, that are saved with your reports, or user our live filtering feature to report on differnt segments of your data in a more interactive way.

You can also use individual chart filtering or cross-tab tables to filter and compare questions within a summary report.

Report Sharing

Checkbox reports contain real-time data – simply run or refresh the report to access the latest results. These reports are available for sharing so that your team members and clients can always have access to the latest results, too.

Reports can be set to public so you can easily share the link, embed the report on your website, or display the report at the end of your survey. Or, if your data is more sensitive, you can specify that only certain users have access to your report, and they will have to log in to view it. You can even share a customized reporting dashboard with your users, which will list all the reports that they have access to, so they can pick and choose which reports to run at their convenience.

If you’d prefer to share a static version of your report, you can always export the entire report to PDF or export individual charts and drop them into your PowerPoint, Word or other documents.

Scheduled Report Delivery

In addition to sharing a one-time link, you can also send reports via email within Checkbox. Reports can be emailed immediately, scheduled once, or scheduled for recurring delivery at daily, weekly, or monthly intervals. You can create multiple schedules for different groups of recipients and change or cancel them anytime. For instance, you may want to send your team weekly reports but only send your management or executive teams summaries once per month – Checkbox gives you complete flexibility to ensure that your colleagues and customers receive the data they need, when they need it.

Reporting on Scored Surveys

Any survey can be set up as a scored survey, but scoring is most commonly used for tests, quizzes, assessments or satisfaction surveys.

When a respondent takes a scored survey, the point values from each of their answers is tallied up, both on a per-page level and for the survey in total. Some question types, including Rating Scales and NPS questions, are scored automatically based on the number value of the answer. Other question types, such as radio buttons, checkboxes, and dropdowns, require the survey creator to add points to each answer choice in the question editor.

Once responses are collected for a scored survey, the admin can export the scores of each response in a .csv file or add an Average Score chart to a summary report to view average scores per question, per page, or for the whole survey.