survey response reporting and analytics

The purpose of any survey program is to generate actionable data for your organization. Checkbox makes it easy to access, analyze, and share your survey data.

Survey Data Compilation

To-the-minute summary statistics are available in real-time, as your survey responses come in. Checkbox compiles response data and makes it available instantly, as soon as it’s received. We also provide real-time access to response metadata, including: response timestamps, survey access count, and time spent in response.

Survey Scoring

In addition to basic response data collection, Checkbox allows you to create survey scoring algorithms based on whatever criteria are important to you. Your can configure survey scoring at the individual question level, for complete survey responses, or for your respondent base as a whole.

Survey scoring is especially useful if your surveys include quizzes or open-ended evaluation questions. Scoring algorithms are also great for keeping track of multi-dimensional satisfaction measures.

You can use survey scoring to configure your surveys for training and testing purposes. Many of our clients use survey scoring as a replacement for more complicated standardized testing platforms.

Other Data Capabilities

Checkbox provides several other ways to make the survey data you receive more useful. You can configure Checkbox to perform routine calculations on the raw data your receive. Data averaging, cross-tabulation, and basic statistics analysis are all available. You can use this analysis to create real-time data points in your survey reports. Data filtering features are available as well. You can filter incoming data based on specific answers, user attributes, or response metadata.

Flexible Reporting

Of course, survey data is useful only to the extent that it’s easy to access and interpret. Checkbox makes it easy for individual users to access and understand the data that’s most critical to them.

Use the standard Checkbox reporting package, or create custom reports to suit your specific needs.

You can customize reports by selecting individual response items for inclusion (or not), by setting metadata filters for certain response types or dates, by choosing a specific output format (.pdf, .csv, etc.), or by configuring colors and fonts to maintain a consistent internal brand experience. You can configure individual report items for data type reported (raw numbers, percentages, averages, etc.), and for specific chart-type display (line charts, bar charts, pie charts, etc.)

Access to Reports

Like everything else in Checkbox, client-side reporting is 100% web-based. This is true for both online subscriptions and the on-premises version of our software. All Checkbox reports can be shared among users, according to the permissions structure you’ve applied to your account.

You can also embed report items in surveys themselves. This allows respondents to see how their answers stack up against their peers, in real time. This is a powerful survey experience in polling applications, or when collecting feedback on new product features.

Data Export Capability

You can also export your survey data to use in whatever context is most comfortable for you (Excel, Crystal Reports, SPSS, etc.)

Google Analytics Integration

Checkbox data integrates seamlessly with your existing Google Analytics account. Connecting Checkbox with Google Analytics allows you to review your survey usage and referral data in context with the rest of your web analytics. This is especially helpful for tracking respondent demographics, referring sites, time spent on your survey, and conversion rates.