email and social survey distribution

Flexible Survey Distribution

Get your survey into the right respondents’  hands by using the distribution methods and survey permissions settings that work best for each survey and situation.

Checkbox makes it easy to collect responses in a variety of ways – email (including scheduling and reminders), public link, website embedding, and social media integration. You can even set permission rules to make sure the right respondents are taking your survey.

Email Invitations & Reminders

With our built-in email feature, you can send or schedule thousands of email invitations at once. Invitations can be customized using your own name and email address as the sender, as well as your own custom message and branding.

Once emails are sent, you can set up and schedule multiple reminders to boost your response rates. Reminders are only sent to respondents who haven’t completed the survey – there’s no need for you to manually filter anyone out.

Our email invitation manager also includes the ability to send test emails, support for secure links, automatic respondent login and tracking, built-in bounce tracking, opt-out processing and tracking, and a scheduling API.

And, of course, if you’d prefer to use your own personal or company email to send your surveys, you’re welcome to do that, too.

Contact Management & Emails Lists

Sending email invitations is as easy as copying and pasting emails into our invitation wizard or importing a list of email addresses as a saved email list.

Or, if you really want to take advantage of Checkbox’s full set of features, you can import your survey respondents with custom profile information such as their Name, Company, Department, Location, etc. That user profile information can then be used to personalize your survey. You can merge a respondent’s name into an invitation or survey to create a personal greeting or merge address information into a question field and allow the user to confirm or update it. You can even use profile information to build survey logic. For example, you could add conditional logic to your survey so that certain questions are shown or hidden based on a user’s age, location, etc.

Email Lists and User Groups can be made private so that only you have access to your lists/groups, or you can share them with other admins in your account.

Custom Links & Embedded Surveys

Sometimes you just want the simplicity of copying and pasting a survey link – Checkbox makes that easy, too. Create a custom survey link that you can copy onto your website, into a written mailing, into your own email, or onto your social media platform.

Public surveys can also be embedded into a web page or pop-up using a snippet of code that we provide you, allowing your users to respond to surveys from right within your own website.

Social Media Integration

Use Checkbox’s social distribution features to quickly share your survey through your linked Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ accounts. Or, get creative with the combination of Checkbox and social media. Post social-only polls, contest-entry forms, or rapid-response market research.