survey followup automation and automated survey response

Checkbox API and Webhooks for Automation

Most Checkbox plans include unlimited access to our powerful Rest API and survey webhooks, which can be used to automate many of the functions in Checkbox, potentially saving you hours of manual work. The most common uses of our API and webhooks include:

  • Sending email invitations and reminders on a specific schedule, such as every Monday morning
  • Triggering email invitations and reminders based on an external event, such as a customer purchase or the closure of a support ticket
  • Creating, managing and deleting admin users or respondents in Checkbox based on your own external database of users
  • Exporting response data on a schedule and saving it automatically in your own database, reporting system, or file
  • Pushing responses in real-time to another database or software or integrating with online services such as Zapier
For more information on our API capabilities, please review our API Documentation or contact us.

Triggered Emails

When a respondent completes a survey, you can automatically send them a custom message, a follow-up attachment, or a copy of their full survey response by email. Automatic emails can also be sent to the survey admin, to a manager, or anyone else of your choosing. You can even make the “To” field of your email dynamic by merging in an email address from the survey response or from a user’s profile information.

Automatic emails can be triggered every time a survey is completed or conditionally, based on rules that you set up. For instance, you could add a conditional email alert for your customer satisfaction survey and set it up to send to your customer service department if the answer to a certain survey question or the score of the survey falls below a certain value.

URL Redirects

The URL Redirect feature in Checkbox lets you send a user to another website or automatically restart the survey upon completion. Redirects are helpful when you want to send a user to your own website or even to a third-party website, depending on their responses. The survey restart feature is great for kiosk surveys or when you’re manually entering paper responses, since it automatically loads a new response for you after each submission.

You can set up one URL redirect for all users, or set up multiple redirects and make them conditional based on their survey answers or information in their user profiles.

Rewards and Incentives with Rybbon

Checkbox has partnered with leading digital rewards platform, Rybbon, to give survey admins the ability to incentivize their respondents with retail gift cards, virtual credit cards, and charitable donations. Checkbox admins can log into their Rybbon account, create an incentive campaign, and then use Checkbox’s redirect feature to send survey participants to a customized thank you page where they can claim their reward.

Learn more about the benefits of integrating with Rybbon to offer rewards and incentives to your survey participants.

JavaScript Automations

Checkbox’s custom JavaScript item and survey-wide JavaScript are advanced features with some pretty powerful applications. JavaScript can be used in your survey to:

  • Set up custom calculations, such as comparing the values in two or more survey fields
  • Automatically hide or click buttons on a page
  • Integrate with a third-party API, such as the Google Maps API, as seen here
  • Add timers to your survey pages
  • And many more integration options….

Automatic User Profile Updates

Surveys aren’t always one-time events – it’s often helpful to be able to save survey answers from a certain user so you can use or display them later. Checkbox’s Profile Property Updater item lets you do just that.

The Profile Property Updater lets you take survey answers and automatically save them to a user’s profile when the survey is submitted. This is helpful when you’d like to use a survey to update something about a user such as their mailing address or email address – the Profile Property Updater helps ensure that you always have up to date information on your users.

You can also use it to store users’ answers when you’re sending them the same survey multiple times. For instance, you might send a customer an annual satisfaction survey and wish to display their satisfaction score from last year for reference. The Profile Property Updater lets you do this quickly and easily, without any additional manual work.