survey followup automation and automated survey response

You’re collecting survey data so you can take positive action in your organization. Sometimes, the action you need to take is most effective if it’s done immediately.

Checkbook allows you to automate certain actions in response to the data you receive. These include display and messaging actions directed at the survey taker, data-compilation actions that will enhance the value of the data you receive, and internal notifications that allow your team to react to new learning as soon as it comes in.

Respondent-Directed Actions

Respondent-directed actions allow you to create a more engaging survey-taking experience. You can display custom messages to respondents while they’re taking your survey. The custom messages can be anything from simple text to more complex HTML and images.

Set up your surveys to display specific messages display when a respondent answers a question in a certain way. Show your respondents, in real-time, how their answers stack up to others. It’s an effective technique for decreasing survey abandonment and boosting response.

You can set up other automatic respondent-directed actions that take place upon survey completion. For instance, you can email the respondent a copy of his response, close his browser tab, or redirect his browser to another location. Survey completion is an excellent time for message display actions as well.

Reporting Actions

Use reporting actions to display up-to-date reporting data during the survey-taking experience or immediately upon survey completion. Display data to the respondent, or send it to members of your team using our email alerts. You can display our automated reports in graphic or tabular form, online or via email. They can be question-specific or encompassing of your survey as a whole.

You can also use Checkbox to automate certain data-enhancement actions when a survey is completed. Update a user’s profile, for instance. Or, capture values from a different data source and store them with the newly-received survey data.

Internal Alerts

Internal alerts may be the most powerful of our automated survey actions. Sometimes, the sooner your colleagues learn about specific responses the better. Use our automated internal alerts to let your colleagues know about certain types of responses as soon as they come in. Maybe a respondent answers “Yes” to a question about needing to purchase additional products. With an automated alert, you can let your sales team know right away.