Using Motivation Surveys for Employees


Businesses boost productivity and performance when they understand what drives their employees. Explore getting the most out of employee motivation surveys with Checkbox.

With remote working more commonplace, and the financial costs connected with staff turnover, more and more companies are using motivation surveys for employees to get the best out of their workforce.

This article is your expert guide to motivation surveys for employees, including how to run a survey on employee motivation, the purpose of employee engagement surveys, and the best engagement survey questions to ask.

With the most intuitive setup and an unmatched range of employee motivation survey templates to choose from, Checkbox is the best choice for creating surveys on employee engagement for greater clarity. Try Checkbox today, and see for yourself how surveys can help improve the morale of your organization.

What is the purpose of employee engagement surveys?

The main purpose of employee engagement surveys is to get a read on how engaged and motivated your workforce is.

Motivation surveys for employees boost performance and productivity

Surveys on employee engagement offer direct access into the thoughts of your staff, which gains you valuable insight into what your staff are thinking and feeling. 

This honest, experience-based feedback will help you identify the best areas for improvement with real accuracy. With in-built platform data analytics, Checkbox has everything you need to create a roadmap for boosted performance, and boosted productivity.

Employee engagement surveys in the healthcare industry

As with most survey types, employee engagement surveys can be – and should be – used by the healthcare industry as a standard HR tool. After all, keeping administrative and medical staff motivated and engaged with their work is critical for your practice's success.

And stressful and often emotionally-draining tasks, combined with precise medical processes with interpersonal management skills, can often see healthcare workers struggling with motivation loss. Identifying and taking action early-on is key to avoiding burn-out and, in the worst case scenario, workers leaving your healthcare team.

Checkbox’s survey tools have real-time data analysis functionalities, with intuitive data representation, for intuitive tracking of where healthcare worker engagement is falling. This makes it easier for healthcare leaders to make decisions that have the most valuable impact on your team, and the healthcare service they provide your patients.

Motivation surveys for employees increase staff retention

Happy team members are more likely to stay with you for longer – it really is that simple! 

Up-to-date responses on employee motivation survey questions take the guesswork out of increasing team retention.

And employee turnover is surprisingly costly – so not only does retaining personnel mean a more experienced workforce, but also more money for other investments.

Motivation surveys for employees give you regular feedback

Online surveys on employee engagement are the perfect tool for keeping your finger on the pulse of your workforce. With logic-driven employee motivation survey templates that can be scheduled for regular sending, your feedback stream is regularly – and automatically – updated with the latest survey data.

And running employee motivation surveys will also enhance your staff’s sense of community, which benefits everyone!

What to Include in Your Motivation Survey For Employees

Now that we've looked at the purpose of employee engagement surveys, let's talk about what topics you should explore in your surveys on employee engagement.

Motivation is a complicated concept, and so can be difficult to measure and quantify – we recommend that you break your employee engagement survey questions down into three main engagement areas:

  1. Physical environments and internal culture 
  2. Relationships with external people 
  3. Working systems and processes

All of these factors will affect the level of interest in the tasks we do, so surveys on employee engagement should cover all of these aspects using a range of survey question types.

Working Environment and Internal Culture 

Think about it – your home environment has a big impact on your ability to relax and be yourself. So it makes sense that your work environment will have a major impact on your ability to engage and get work done.

Finding out what facilities and conditions your staff would find fruitful is crucial to maximizing their engagement and your organization's productivity.

As well as physical spaces, employee engagement survey questions should aim to understand worker views on leadership style, office culture, work/life balance, training, and perceived personal development opportunities.

Client, Partner, and Customer Relationships

Many businesses rely on relationships with external partners, including agencies working with clients or consumer-facing businesses. For such organizations, understanding how those relationships impact on employee morale is key.

Using surveys on employee motivation to register the context surrounding positive relationships gives you the knowledge on how to make these external relationships more positive, so you can replicate it and boost employee success.

Processes, Systems, and Workflow

Any business is built on its processes, so stop assuming you know how your staff work best, and start asking!

Some of the best engagement survey questions to ask are around staff sentiment to processes and systems, as adapting for these will quickly get staff on-board with making the most out of their working day. 

And nothing demotivates a workforce like an in-efficent workflow – tightening these up also means that more work gets done faster, which is great for your profits!

Example Employee Engagement Survey Questions

When you’re building a survey on employee engagement, why not use the Checkbox template library to get you started? 

Or if you’re building a survey from scratch and aren't sure where to start, here are some example employee motivation survey questions that will help you better understand your workforce:

  • What motivates you to perform at your best?
  • Do you feel that you are adequately recognized and rewarded for hard work and achievements?
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how connected do you feel to your team and the organization?
  • How often do you participate in company events and initiatives?
  • Are there any obstacles or challenges in the workplace that hinder your sense or morale?
  • What aspects of your job do you find most fulfilling?

Whether you choose our dedicated employee motivation survey template or create your own bespoke survey to suit your organization, online surveys are the affordable way to regularly gather and analyze meaningful personnel feedback.

And with simple administration, and data storage and analysis in one location, Checkbox is the trusted choice thanks to our rigorous privacy standards and range of hosting options to meet the needs of our customers.

Motivation Survey For Employees Summary

Gaining an understanding of staff motivation is crucial to boosting the community, productivity, and profitability – of your business.

Online surveys are a flexible, affordable way of gathering team member feedback to take your organization to the next level. 

Checkbox is trusted by thousands of companies around the world for high quality, flexible survey creation, so request your free demo today.

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May 23, 2024
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