survey data security

Survey Taking Permissions

Choose to make your survey public and available to everyone who has the link, lock it with a password, specify specific users or user groups who can take the survey, or make your survey available only by email invitation link. Add or remove access at any time during your survey collection period.

You can also control when respondents can take the survey by adding start and end dates/times. Or how many times they can take it by adding per user or total response limits. Additional permissions options include allowing users to save and resume later, edit their submitted responses, and use the back button.

Team Sharing & Collaboration

In addition to setting permissions for your survey takers, Checkbox allows you to configure how much access each admin user has.

User roles control the type of actions an admin user can perform (such as creating a survey or viewing a report). Permissions at the survey, report, or folder level determine which items an admin user has access to.

Other than the System Admin, or super-user role, all other admins can only see the items they create, by default. But if you want to share or collaborate with another user on your account, you can simply grant them access to your survey, report, folder, etc. and give them read/write/management access.

Login Security & SSO

Our password security features allow System Admins to set limits such as minimum password lengths and the minimum number of numerical or special characters required. Admins can also set maximum failed login attempts and the lockout period for failed logins. Both successful and failed login attempts are logged for auditing purposes.

Checkbox users can also be logged in through supported Single Sign On methods or Active Directory (AD included with our Enterprise on-premises edition).

If you have questions or would like further detail about our data security features, please contact us.

Data Security

The security of your data is of utmost importance to you and, therefore, to us. If you choose a Checkbox hosted plan, your data will be stored in its own database, separate from all other customers. Our hosting partner, Amazon AWS, is the leading hosting provider when it comes to security and performance. Depending on the Checkbox plan level you purchase, you can even choose where your data is stored – in the US, Canada, EU, or Australia.

On-premises customers are able to self-host Checkbox and their data on their own servers or their own hosted environment, giving them even more control over their data and who can access it.

All Checkbox hosted plans are forced to use a secure (https or SSL encrypted) link to encrypt data while it’s in transit. Customers with the on-premises version can enable the SSL setting as well. Our Team and Enterprise hosted and on-premises customers also have the option to enable encryption of their data at rest.

For additional details on our security policies, please see our Security Overview help guide.

Data Privacy

Your survey and account data is only accessed by Checkbox team members for the purposes of supporting your account and we will never share, sell or distribute your data to any third party. You can find more details on our data privacy policies, including information about our EU Privacy Shield certification and HIPAA compliance by reading our Privacy Policy. For information on GDPR and other data privacy regulariotns, as they relate to Checkbox, please see our Privacy Policy and article on GDPR compliance.

For customers who wish to have even stricter controls over their data and who can access it, we recommend taking a look at our on-premises version, which is hosted on your own servers.

For questions on our security and permissions features or to request a copy of our Checkbox Security Policies Document, please contact us.