Employee Opinion Survey: The Best Way to Increase Productivity at Work

In this article, we'll show you how to use employee opinion survey to increase a productivity at work

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Employee Opinion Survey: The Best Way to Increase Productivity at Work

In this article, we'll show you how to use employee opinion survey to increase a productivity at work

Employee satisfaction is the level of contentment that employees experience at work. Properly evaluating employee satisfaction can provide valuable insight into the overall morale of the workplace and give employers the opportunity to identify and address any potential issues.  The best way to measure it is by employee opinion surveys

If you thought that conducting surveys needs skills and costs a lot, you’re wrong. Due to technological advancement, now you can easily access high quality software that lets you collect, analyze, and gain insight into employee opinions. 

One software like that is Checkbox. Founded in 2002, since its beginnings Checkbox offers the most professional survey software and online survey tools. Checkbox currently helps over 2500 customers within a palette of different industries.

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Why conduct employee opinion surveys?

Employee opinion surveys are a valuable tool for businesses. By conducting surveys, businesses can gain a better understanding of their employees' opinions, needs, and overall satisfaction. This in turn can help them create a better working environment, as well as improve employee engagement, morale, and productivity. 

Additionally, surveys can be used to measure employee loyalty and commitment. This can help businesses make decisions about retention, reward and recognition, and other talent management strategies. 

In short, employee opinion surveys are a great way to gain valuable insight into the needs and wants of your employees. By conducting surveys, businesses can ensure that their employees feel heard, valued, and respected. Knowing what employees think and feel can also help businesses make informed decisions and create positive change. 

What are some of the benefits of conducting employee opinion surveys?

There are a number of benefits to conducting employee opinion surveys, including: 

  1. Finding out what employees think about their work environment and company culture.
  2. Knowing how your company is viewed by potential employees. 
  3. Measuring employee engagement and satisfaction. 
  4. Identifying strengths and weaknesses in your HR process. 
  5. Determining how effective external resources and training initiatives are. 
  6. Improving communication between employees, managers, and HR. 
  7. Increasing employee retention and productivity.

 These are some of the benefits of conducting employee opinion surveys explained in more detail:

  •  Conducting employee opinion surveys can also help to improve communication between employers and employees, allowing employers to address any issues that may exist. 

Surveys can provide employees with an avenue to express their opinions and feedback, and this can lead to better engagement and job satisfaction. In short, employee opinion surveys are a great tool for employers to gain valuable insight into their workforce and to create a better working environment.

  • Conducting employee opinion surveys can be a great way to evaluate the effectiveness of your organization and its operations. 

These surveys allow you to collect valuable insights into the attitudes and feelings of your employees, which can then be used to inform strategies and policies in your workplace. For example, if a survey reveals that employees are dissatisfied with their work environment, you can take steps to make improvements in order to boost morale and productivity. 

  • Employee opinion surveys can also be used to identify areas of strength and growth in your organization. 

This data can be used to foster a sense of pride and accomplishment amongst your team and also to inform decisions that affect the entire company. 

  • Finally, employee opinion surveys can be a great way to increase engagement and foster a culture of collaboration. 

By giving your employees a platform to voice their opinions, you can create a dialogue that encourages open communication and feedback. So if you want to get the most out of your team, conducting employee opinion surveys is definitely the way to go!

How to run an employee opinion survey?

Running employee surveys has never been easier. Checkbox allows you to create custom-branded and mobile-friendly surveys that your employees can open on any device. You can easily share them through emails, custom links, QR codes or social media. 

Aside from creation and distribution, Checkbox will also help you with real-time reports and integration with other apps. 

You don’t have to be a data scientist to understand your workers!

These are some of the most important Checkbox features:

  1. SURVEY CREATION - Survey question types, logic, merging, and action options.
  2. AUTOMATION & INTEGRATION - Automatic emails & URL redirects, API/webhooks, and JavaScript.
  3. SURVEY LOOK & FEEL - Survey customization, branding, and mobile responsiveness.
  4. SECURITY & PERMISSIONS - Survey permissions, sharing options, SSO, and data security.
  5. SURVEY DISTRIBUTION - Email, SMS, custom links, QR code, embed, and social media.
  6. ON-PREMISES FEATURES - Overview of on-premises version features and architecture.
  7. RESULTS & REPORTING - Data export formats, charts & graphs, report filtering and API.

Now we will go through steps you have to take to create a survey.

Step-by-step guide for running an employee opinion survey

  1. Sign up or sign in to your account at an app login page

First choose your Account name. Enter your email and password.

  1. Create Your First Survey

Create a blank survey by clicking the Create Survey button.

  1. Fill in the main information related to survey

Give title to your survey, as well as a custom URL that your employees want to see. Also, choose the folder where you want to save it.

  1. Add survey questions

Now that your survey has been created, you can start adding questions. Checkbox offers you various different forms of questions and includes their descriptions, so it’s easier for you to choose.

Since the questions are the heart of the survey, they need to be absolutely perfect. If a question is too vague or difficult to understand, you’ll get inaccurate results. Badly phrased questions can lead respondents to the wrong conclusions or skew the data. 

While many of the questions will be straightforward, there are certain guidelines to help you craft the perfect questions: Be direct and specific. Avoid leading questions that might elicit an unfair or biased response. Avoid ambiguous terms or buzzwords that may mean different things to different people. Make sure the question is relevant to the survey topic. Consider what information you’re seeking and how it will be used. 

  1. Customize your questions

Enter your question text and optional additional text. Enter your answer choices and add more options if needed. Under appearance, you can change your question layout.

  1. Add survey logic if needed

Add Conditions to your question if you’d like to only show a question to someone based on how they answered a previous question, or based on something about them (e.g. show certain questions only to high ranking employees).

  1. Add additional survey pages if needed

Add additional pages by clicking on the Add New Page button. You can also change the order of pages by dragging and dropping them with the Move icon.

  1. Customize your completion page if you want

The page that shows up to employees when they finish the survey comes with a basic thank you message, “Thank you for taking the survey.” Click the edit icon to change it according to your needs. You can add multiple messages and add logic rules to each so employees see custom messages. There is also an option to add action items such as redirects to other URLs with the Add Action Item.

  1. Customize survey appearance and settings

How to Distribute Your Survey

You’ve designed an employee opinion survey and crafted the perfect questions. Now you need to distribute the survey and get the data. There are a number of ways to distribute your survey, including social media and text messaging. Luckily, Checkbox can help you with all of them.

Security and permissions

With Checkbox you can control who can take surveys. You can also choose when they take it and how many times. All data is private and secure when using data encryption in transit and at rest.

Results and reporting

Checkbox provides you with reporting which gives you data to act on. Export raw data in reports with charts, tables, or to .csv or .sav formats for use in Excel, SPSS, etc.

Automation and integration

You can automate surveys and integrate it into your business processes. Checkbox has survey action items, API, and other integration options you can utilize to not perform tasks manually.

Employee opinion survey template

An effective survey template is the key to getting honest and reliable feedback from your employees. It’s important to create a survey that is short, to the point, and easy to complete. A survey should cover the most relevant topics and have questions that are relevant to the survey topic. 

Asking the right questions will help ensure that you get the most accurate responses from your employees. With Checkbox, you can develop an employee opinion survey template that will yield the best results and that you can reuse.

Here is a simple employee opinion survey template that you can use as a starting point:

  1. Overall, how satisfied are you with your job?
  • Very satisfied
  • Satisfied
  • Neutral
  • Dissatisfied
  • Very dissatisfied
  1. How satisfied are you with the level of support and resources provided to you by your manager and team?
  • Very satisfied
  • Satisfied
  • Neutral
  • Dissatisfied
  • Very dissatisfied
  1. How well do you feel that your job duties and responsibilities align with your strengths and interests?
  • Very well
  • Well
  • Neutral
  • Poor
  • Very poor
  1. How would you rate the communication and collaboration within your team?
  • Excellent
  • Good
  • Neutral
  • Poor
  • Very poor
  1. How satisfied are you with the recognition and rewards you receive for your contributions to the team?
  • Very satisfied
  • Satisfied
  • Neutral
  • Dissatisfied
  • Very dissatisfied
  1. Are there any specific areas or aspects of your job that you would like to see improved? (Open-ended question)
  2. Do you have any additional comments or suggestions for improving the work environment and team dynamics? (Open-ended question)

Keep in mind that this is just a basic template, and you may want to tailor the questions to fit the specific needs of your organization and team. It's also important to make sure that the survey is anonymous and that employees feel comfortable providing honest feedback.

Bottom line

Happy and satisfied employees are essential for any successful business. Employee satisfaction can take into account many factors, such as compensation, benefits, job security, working conditions, and the overall work environment. It is also important for employers to pay attention to the support and recognition that employees receive from their supervisors.

 A supportive and encouraging environment can go a long way in improving employee satisfaction. Companies that focus on creating a positive and collaborative work environment tend to have higher employee satisfaction levels. Ultimately, employee satisfaction is about creating a workplace where employees are motivated and have a sense of purpose.

The best way to get an insight into all of this is by employee opinion surveys. However, you don’t need to be an expert to design surveys, collect data and get conclusions. With a couple of clicks, you can start a free trial with Checkbox

Checkbox is a platform that lets you easily create surveys, but also distribute them through emails, QR codes etc., and analyze data that you collect.

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  • What is an employee opinion survey?

An employee satisfaction survey is a great way to get your employees' opinions on topics like company culture, working environment, and job satisfaction. It consists of questions your employees should answer to give you better insight. This can help you create a better workplace, build a stronger company culture, and keep your employees engaged and satisfied. So if you want to take a pulse on employee satisfaction, an employee opinion survey is the way to go!

  • Do employee opinion surveys work?

You bet they do! Employee opinion surveys are an invaluable tool that helps business owners gain insight into the thoughts and feelings of their employees. After all, knowing how your staff feels about their workplace, their job, and their co-workers can give you invaluable information on how to make your workplace better. Surveys also help to form a solid foundation for creating a culture and atmosphere that encourages employees to stay and be productive. By taking the time to gather feedback from employees, business owners can identify areas that need improvement, as well as areas where their staff feels most valued. Surveys also give employees a sense of ownership in the workplace and ensure that their needs and opinions are being heard. Employee opinion surveys are an invaluable tool for any business owner, and the results from these surveys can help you make decisions that will benefit both you and your employees.

  • What should be included in an employee satisfaction survey?

There are a few key elements you should consider when creating an employee opinion survey. First, ensure the questions are relevant to the topics you want to cover. Second, make sure the questions are concise and easy to understand. And finally, be sure to include an option for open-ended feedback so your employees can express their thoughts freely. By having a well-rounded survey, you can get the most accurate and useful feedback possible. 

  • Are employee opinion surveys really anonymous?

One of the biggest concerns for employees is whether or not these surveys are anonymous. The answer is yes - in most cases, these surveys are completely anonymous. Companies use various techniques to ensure those survey responses are kept confidential. For example, a survey might be conducted online through an anonymous platform, or the questions might be worded in a way that doesn't reveal the respondent's identity. This means that employees can give honest feedback without fear of retribution.

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