Leveraging Customer Feedback to Build Brand Loyalty

As you likely know all too well, your business’s ability to survive and thrive is often dependent on the happiness of your customers, especially when it comes to repurchasing or renewing your services and recommending you to their friends and colleagues. Customer satisfaction surveys are an excellent way to gauge happiness and engagement, and also a powerful tool for customer follow-up and problem resolution. As part of your overall customer engagement strategy, it’s important to survey your customers regularly to gather feedback on their recent experiences and general satisfaction level. It’s also a good idea to leverage technology like automated workflows to respond to customer questions and concerns in a timely manner.

Personalized Survey Experience

Show your customers and clients they’re more than just a number to you by customizing their customer feedback experience. Personalize your welcome message and email/SMS invitations with their name or company name. Show how much you respect their time by building intelligent surveys with conditional and skip logic so they’re only shown questions that are relevant to them. With Checkbox, you can even auto-save known information like their email address or purchase history in their customer profile so you don’t have to ask redundant questions.

Choice of Survey Distribution

A beautifully-branded, professional, intelligent survey means nothing if your customers don’t open it. Giving your customers options when it comes to receiving your surveys can make all the difference when it comes to response and completion rates. Choose from email and SMS campaigns with follow-up reminders, embed your survey in your website or on social media for customers who are highly engaged with your brand, or use our API or integrations to automatically trigger survey invitations for post-transactional surveys.

White-Label Branding

Trust and brand recognition is crucial when it comes to engaging your customers and asking for their time and feedback. Your customer satisfaction surveys should reflect your voice and brand, not your survey software’s. That’s why you’ll never find our name or logo on your surveys, no matter what plan you choose.  Customize your surveys by adding your own custom header and logo, choosing fonts and colors, formatting buttons text and colors, or adding background images and custom CSS – your survey branding is 100% in your control.

Survey Data and Workflows

Customers are more likely to stay loyal to your brand and keep providing feedback when they know they are being heard. Setting up email triggers and workflows in your survey can help you close the feedback loop by alerting you when you need to address an issue or contact a customer for follow-up. Access to real-time results through custom reports and dashboards, data exports, and integrations will keep you apprised of satisfaction trends and anomalies so you can make smarter decisions.