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This update focuses on modernizing critical infrastructure to allow us to develop faster and more reliably on the platform.

We're very excited to share the launch of Checkbox 8, the first major product update in over five years, and our initial release since the acquisition of Checkbox from Polychrome. This update focuses on modernizing critical infrastructure to allow us to develop faster and more reliably on the platform. Available for both cloud and on-premises deployment, Checkbox 8 introduces several highly requested features aimed at bolstering security and reliability for our users. Discover more about our journey and the new features at Checkbox.

What's New in Checkbox 8?

Checkbox 8 comes packed with a host of new features and enhancements designed to offer significant improvements in performance, stability, and security. For example, with Microsoft's clear direction that .NET represents the future, transitioning away from the .NET Framework became a necessary move for us. This shift towards .NET from the .NET Framework is pivotal due to the multiple benefits it provides.

Additionally, all future innovations and updates are being made in .NET, promising us and our customers improved performance and support. In contrast, the .NET Framework is set to receive only critical security updates gradually. Unlike the .NET Framework, which is bundled with Windows and updated across the system by Windows Update, .NET is distributed independently. This approach offers greater flexibility and control over application versioning and deployment, aligning better with diverse development needs.

The change in framework necessitated the replacement of some of our libraries, including those used for LDAP (Active Directory). We've adopted newer, and better-supported libraries. This update and upgrade serve as a nod to that understanding, reinforcing our commitment to providing the most advanced and reliable solutions possible.

Major Platform Upgrade 

We've upgraded to .Net 6 and Angular 14, ensuring improved performance and enhanced security across the board.

Enhanced LDAP Configuration

Enjoy an updated LDAP library and a smoother installer experience for LDAP configuration.

Improved PDF Generation 

Our updated PDF generation library offers better performance and stability, making your report generation seamless.

Configurable Respondent File Uploads 

You now have the ability to set size limits on respondent file uploads, along with configurable expiration times for emailed links.

Google Tag Manager Support

Integrate seamlessly with Google Tag Manager for advanced tracking and analytics.

Google Tag Manager support for enhanced analytics on surveys

Added Resilience in Response Emails 

With added retries in response emails, communication is more reliable than ever.

Enhanced Security Features 

An optional captcha can be added to the login screen, and SAML support is now available, tested with leading providers such as Okta, Entra ID, and PingIdentity.

New login page at Checkbox 8 with SAML

Improved User Management

Our Management Panel now allows for the deletion of users and displays key information about individual surveys, with more functionality on the way.

Screenshot of the new Management Panel at Checkbox 8

Advanced Contact Management

Roles can now be set while uploading contacts via CSV, streamlining your workflow.

Enhanced Survey Search 

Find what you’re looking for faster with our significantly improved survey search functionality.

Continuous Improvements 

Alongside these major updates, we've implemented a whole host of minor fixes, security improvements, and enhancements to maintainability.

Why Choose Checkbox 8?

With Checkbox 8, you’re not just getting a survey tool; you’re investing in a platform that prioritizes your need for speed, security, and efficiency. Whether you’re conducting market research, gathering employee feedback, or engaging with your community, Checkbox 8 is designed to support your goals with unmatched performance and reliability.

Flexibility of Deployment

With the ability of being deployed in three distinct models (SaaS, Private Cloud and On-Premises), Checkbox is fully equipped to support any transitions your company may require, adapting to your evolving needs by recommending and implementing the best hosting solution for you. Moreover, we operate in a feature parity model, which means that it does not matter the type of hosting you decide to take, you will always get the most updated version of our technology. 

Stay Up-to-Date

This is just the beginning. As our product continues to evolve, anticipate significant enhancements in the forthcoming months and quarters.

For a comprehensive overview of all new features, fixes, and improvements, we invite you to consult our release changelog at Checkbox Survey Releases.

At Checkbox, we are committed to advancing survey technology and take pride in leading this evolution. With our expertise and innovative solutions, we aim to be your trusted partner in navigating the future of survey technology. Expect further updates and improvements from us shortly, as we continue to deliver reliable, user-friendly, and powerful solutions tailored to meet your needs.

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May 14, 2024
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