Creating Effective Employee Satisfaction Surveys


Staff experience surveys are a great way to boost your employee engagement. Read more about the benefits of employee satisfaction surveys and how to create them.

Effective employee experience surveys and staff satisfaction surveys will help you understand how satisfied your employees are within your organization.

The job satisfaction survey questions you will need to ask will differ between workplaces. They will depend on things such as your industry type, typical team sizes, and remote working policies. These and other factors mean that each business will need to ask unique survey questions for job satisfaction to get a true view of employee happiness.

Checkbox offers a flexible, cost-effective tool for building bespoke surveys for organizations of any size – complete with easily-adaptable employee satisfaction survey templates

With simple set-up and built-in data analysis, Checkbox job satisfaction survey are perfect for gathering insightful worker feedback that you can use to boost your business performance – try Checkbox for free today.

Benefits of Employee Satisfaction Surveys

You'll Enjoy Improved Employee Retention

Running surveys on employee satisfaction work will help boost your employee retention. Surveys make staff feel heard – especially when you implement actions based on their responses. 

Employees who feel that their insight and feedback is valuable are more likely to stay where they are, rather than looking for alternative positions. 

A Harvard Business Review study estimates that businesses could be spending nearly $5k per new hire – with recruitment costing so much, keeping your employees will save you a lot more money in the long run!

You'll Base Your Decisions On Real Data

The best business decisions are made based on data – and it's no different when it comes to finding out what your workers want from the companies that employ them.

Online surveys place data at the heart of decisions, and their results are easy to access, and organize, so you can analyze your survey data for clear, actionable insights. They also allow for the widest response rate – crucial for businesses with teams around the world, or working remotely.

You'll Make Changes That Pay Off

Employee satisfaction survey questions give you genuine, usable intel on what works and what needs to be improved within your organization.

Prioritizing and implementing the changes that your staff really want to see is the most effective path towards running a business that's more pleasant, efficient, and lucrative.

You'll Cultivate A Positive Working Culture

Open and honest communication is regularly cited by employees, stakeholders, and senior teams alike as one of the most important values to foster within a business organization. 

Regular surveys are a particularly effective and straightforward way to achieve this communicative culture. They encourage communication without the pressure of initiating conversations, and with the added comfort of anonymity. This is especially true of online surveys, which can be neatly sent to inboxes and completed anonymously.

Checkbox’s online survey platform is the easiest and most intuitive survey software on the market. It has everything you need to build your own surveys to measure employee satisfaction – including a template library full of example questions.

Key Employee Satisfaction Survey Topics

There are some key employee satisfaction survey topics that will provide valuable insights to propel most businesses forward:

  • Overall job satisfaction. Understanding the extent to which your staff are content with their day-to-day role and responsibilities gives crucial insight into how you boost morale and motivation – ultimately driving your future business productivity.
  • Individual employee well-being. Businesses are nothing without the people who make them. Surveys will help you retain staff by uncovering any perceived issues with their work/life balance or stress levels, and inviting suggestions on how to provide effective mental and physical health support.
  • Working environment. Ask your employees to evaluate their working environment; both physical and technological. This could include communication channels like email inboxes and team calls, as well as the more obvious physical aspects of an office setup. This will help you to identify areas where support and facility is not being maximized. Removing any structural blockers will allow your employees to thrive in a functioning work environment, driving further productivity.
  • Feedback processes. A survey about surveys! Research has shown that workers are more satisfied in their role when they feel listened to. Find out if your staff feel able to offer feedback that will be heard, and create a transparent, community-driven organization that thrives!

Questions for Staff Satisfaction Surveys

Your employee satisfaction survey format should be set up to ask a range of questions in order to get a complete view of employee experiences in your organization. 

Surveys should also be catered towards staff of all levels – to preserve anonymity, employee satisfaction survey results should never indicate the identity or seniority of the respondent.

To get the best results, you will also benefit from sending your surveys strategically. This means scheduling surveys for a time when employees are neither extremely busy nor getting ready to sign off. 

To help you create your own staff satisfaction survey, here are some example questions:

  • What aspects of your job do you find most fulfilling?
  • Do you feel you are offered opportunities to grow your career?
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate the effectiveness of communication within your department?
  • How satisfied are you with management’s response to feedback?
  • Are you satisfied with mental and physical wellbeing support offered?
  • Have you experienced high levels of stress in the workplace recently?

You can find more example employee satisfaction survey example questions in our employee satisfaction survey template.

Employee Satisfaction Surveys Summary

There are a myriad of ways in which employee satisfaction and experience surveys can boost your business and secure greater staff contentment. 

With a few simple questions and a regular feedback schedule, staff feel listened to and the workplace becomes more productive, satisfied, supportive, and lucrative. 

Online job satisfaction surveys are an affordable and cost-effective way to gather employee feedback that can take your organization to the next level. 

Checkbox is trusted by thousands of companies around the world for high-quality, flexible survey creation – start your survey journey today with a Checkbox free demo and discover the benefits for your business.

May 9, 2024
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