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In today’s hyper-connected online environment, the ancient adage “the customer is always right” has a new and more significant meaning.

In today’s hyper-connected online environment, the ancient adage “the customer is always right” has a new and more significant meaning.

More than half of global internet users between 25 and 35 report posting online reviews of a product or company. These experiences often influence other people’s buying decisions. One online survey found that 98 percent of respondents felt that reviews were an essential resource when making buying decisions, a 9 percent increase in just three years.

That’s why companies should use professional customer satisfaction software to collect feedback that measures customer satisfaction. Collecting, analyzing, and responding to customer feedback is the best way to understand customer satisfaction, ensuring that companies continue providing a compelling buyer experience that produces happy customers who return for future purchases and tell their friends to do the same.

Notably, as a Gartner analysis concludes, “successful customer experience programs require data to demonstrate positive commercial outcomes.” Meanwhile, an ancillary organizational survey found that just 14 percent of companies “have achieved a 360-degree view of the customer.”

This data is readily available. Many people want to give customer feedback. It provides them with an opportunity to share their opinions and experiences directly with brands, creating unique connections that propel brand loyalty and long-term organizational outcomes. In this regard, the right customer feedback tool can help companies collect feedback to enhance customer retention and buy experiences.

Of course, collecting customer feedback is important but can be complicated, requiring the right customer experience survey software to facilitate the best outcomes. That’s why we’ve identified the best customer feedback tools to help you collect feedback, create actionable insights, manage the customer journey, and improve customer satisfaction.

What Is Feedback Survey and Customer Satisfaction Software?

Today, collecting customer feedback is easier than ever before as customer feedback survey software makes collecting, analyzing, and responding to feedback accessible and attainable to more companies.

Specifically, customer satisfaction software allows companies to digitize and even automate the processes of distributing customer satisfaction surveys while aggregating the results in real-time.

This target customer feedback survey software is especially agile in a digital-first online ecosystem where companies can create and distribute surveys through a variety of channels, including:

  • Website
  • Text/SMS messaging
  • In-app
  • Email
  • Social platforms
  • Phone
  • One-on-one interviews.

Businesses can leverage their customer service survey tool to distribute customer satisfaction surveys across various touchpoints, putting actionable feedback just a click away.

How Does Customer Satisfaction Software Help?

Customer satisfaction survey software allows companies to attain once-unfathomable insights into their customers. This includes:

Shifting Purchasing Trends

According to a 2021 McKinsey & Company analysis, 75 percent of people have altered their buying habits since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, nearly 40 percent of buyers have switched brands or retailers during this time, and nearly 80 percent plan to continue exploring new companies in the future.

Customer satisfaction survey software can help companies measure these trends in real-time, enhancing their responsiveness and agility at a critical time.

What’s more, customer feedback survey software allows users to offer feature requests, experience insights, customer sentiment trends, and other data points that inform several organizational decisions.

Content Expectations

B2B buyers prefer to learn about a company or a product through an article rather than a traditional advertisement. This has enormous implications for marketing budgets and asset allocation.

As a result, 66 percent of marketers expect to increase their content marketing budgets in 2022. Surveys help brands understand the buyer experience and customer expectations, allowing them to adjust their content development appropriately, ultimately enhancing brand salience, sales, and engagement.

The best customer satisfaction survey software makes it easy to leverage customer feedback, which makes content marketing an agile and effective asset.

Evaluate Buyer Personas

Buyer personas, the imagined target audience with real-world implications, are always changing. Since these groups inform everything from product development to marketing efforts, it’s especially important to develop sophisticated buyer personas that change with time.

Customer experience survey software provides regular customer insights that shape these buyer personas, keeping companies focused on a real-time target audience.

Measure Customer Satisfaction

Most importantly, customer feedback tools let businesses measure customer satisfaction. Since customer satisfaction impacts future revenue potential, this bottom-line metric is reason enough to reach customers where they are.

Ultimately, customer satisfaction survey software helps companies understand their customers by collecting real-time responses, generating insightful and actionable insights, and supporting agile and sustainable companies.

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The Best Customer Satisfaction Survey Tools

Today’s companies have an expansive customer satisfaction survey software ecosystem to choose from. However, these software solutions vary widely, offering unique price points, feature sets, and customer service offerings that should influence buying decisions.

Here are five of the best customer satisfaction survey tools available today.

#1 Checkbox Survey

Checkbox Survey provides competitively-priced professional customer satisfaction software with an expansive feature set that gives organizations access to powerful online survey and reporting functions. Offering both secure cloud-hosted, private cloud and on-premises versions, Checkbox empowers any organization and enterprise to distribute satisfaction surveys, analyze results in real-time, and regularly connect with their customers.

Specifically, Checkbox's customer experience survey software offers several noteworthy features, including:

  • Personalized survey experience and logic. Show customers how much you value their time and insights by distributing personalized, intelligent surveys with conditional and skip logic, so they only receive the questions that are relevant to them.
  • Enhanced survey distribution. Checkbox offers a variety of survey distribution methodologies, including email, SMS, website/embed, QR code, social media, and more.
  • White-label branding. Brand recognition and voice are critical business facets. That’s why you will never find Checkbox’s name or logo on your surveys. Checkbox users can add custom headers, logos, fonts, colors, background images, and customer CSS.
  • Survey data and workflows. Boost brand loyalty and survey response rates by closing the feedback loop. Checkbox makes this process simple, displaying survey reports through custom results and dashboards, data exports, and integrations. Furthermore, Checkbox provides alerts when you need to address an issue or contact a customer for follow up.

Taken together, Checkbox users have incredible control over survey creation, look and feel, distribution, and security. Companies can request a demo or try Checkbox at no cost by signing up for a free trial.

#2 Typeform

When businesses collect customer feedback, aesthetics and branding matter. That’s why Typeform helps companies create engaging forms, surveys, and quizzes designed to optimize

Offering a free trial without a time limit, Typeform emphasizes the human element of customer feedback, presenting questions one at a time to optimize engagement while providing a cadre of customization options, including pre-made templates and custom form building.

Typeform makes it easy to distribute customer satisfaction surveys by allowing users to embed them into their website, launch in an email, or share with a link.

Finally, businesses can produce actionable insights as they analyze customer feedback for a variety of outcomes.

#3 SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey is one of the most popular customer feedback tools because of its brand recognition and scalable implementation.

For example, individuals can quickly and easily create and distribute user feedback surveys, while enterprises can leverage the software measure customer satisfaction and employee engagement.

The software is popular in the education and healthcare sectors, which frequently rely on user feedback to optimize customer retention and facilitate a continuous feedback loop with their stakeholders.

Starting at $25/month. SurveyMoney offers three paid plans that help companies collect the best customer feedback.

The company highlights its feedback dashboard, enhanced security features, and automation capabilities as its most important features, but its name recognition is often what lands the software on the list of the best customer satisfaction survey feedback tools.

#4 AskNicely

Ask nicely allows companies to collect feedback from customers and frontline workers, making it a unique customer feedback tool because of its emphasis on actionable insights that help frontline workers improve their workflows and overall performance.

Founded in 2014, AskNicely is designed to facilitate connections between employee experience and customer experience with the ultimate goal of enhancing customer retention.

For AskNicely, analyzing customer feedback offers several benefits, including measuring customer experience, providing recognition to employees doing excellent work, and coaching teams to improve every day.

Ultimately, this platform allows businesses with frontline workers to collect customer feedback with feedback management features that make it one of the best customer satisfaction survey software options for a niche audience.

#5 SurveySparrow

Launched in 2017, SurveySparrow is a customer feedback tool that emphasizes customer relationship management.

Specifically, SurveySparrow is focused on measuring customer experience, product experience, and employee experience, allowing businesses to collect feedback on a variety of critical domains.

Offering a variety of free tools, including survey templates, an NPS calculator and benchmark feature, and meeting rater, SurveySparrow helps companies of all sizes measure customer satisfaction.

For enterprise customers, SurveySparrow starts at $499, which allows teams to receive 50,000 survey responses and share 150,000 emails each month.

The company offers a 14-day free trial for all users, letting them test and apply the platform’s customer feedback software before committing to an annual subscription.

A Final Thought

Customer feedback is an essential part of doing business. It allows companies to understand their existing customer experience while helping brands adapt and evolve to changing trends and shifting priorities.

The right customer satisfaction software can bring these powerful insights to life, making it easy for teams to leverage customer feedback to facilitate a variety of operational outcomes.

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December 5, 2022
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