May 7, 2014|Checkbox Blog, News, Survey Trends & Best Practices|

Along with using your house and rented email lists, social media can be a powerful tool for reaching deep into untapped prospect territory, if you are careful to take the right social survey approach to overcome objections and drive interaction.

Query Facebook Fans

Facebook is all about community building. Target your Facebook friends and fans by promoting your survey in a post or update to your wall. Make your survey fun and keep it interactive. Facebook users “like” games, engagement and interaction. Offer incentives for friends and fans to share your survey with their connections to increase your survey reach and response.

Engage Twitter Followers

Twitter is the social media platform of choice for users who want fast access to information on trending topics. To engage your Twitter followers in your survey, create a compelling tweet that piques users’ interests and encourages a wider audience to engage with your brand. To improve survey response, try tying your survey into a trending topic. You can start your own conversation, or search on topics and then jump into a trending Twitter stream. The more compelling and timely your survey topic is, the more likely your followers are to participate in and retweet your survey.

Influence LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn makes it easy to target business professionals based on a wide range of search filters, including location, industry and more. To promote your survey on LinkedIn, try using groups to target your audience segment. Start a group discussion on a topic that’s tied to your survey or brand. LinkedIn users like to stay current on trends, so tap into their desire to rank high on their group influencer index.
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