August 19, 2014|Checkbox Blog, News, Survey Trends & Best Practices|

If you are struggling to collect business or customer data in spreadsheets, consider this: Checkbox’s online survey software might provide you with a better solution. As it turns out, the same simple, reliable and secure technology that drives our online surveys can be leveraged for your advantage for online data collection.

In fact, our platform is optimized for efficient data collection, with features and functionality that are more robust to save you time and reduce errors. Here are five ways that you can leverage Checkbox for secure online data collection:

1. Ramp up your data quality

Too many errors can occur when data is manually entered into spreadsheets. However, field-level controls built into Checkbox ensure that the right data is collected at the right time and that important data is not accidentally omitted or skipped. Lists and drop-down menus go even further to reduce the amount of data that needs manual entry, resulting in more data accuracy, while open-ended and multi-line options give you the flexibility to capture all the information that you need.

2. Report on what matters

Running reports on data from spreadsheets requires technical expertise and takes time to prepare. Checkbox simplifies your data reporting with our built-in Report Wizard that lets you create professional, fully branded reports in just seconds, without having to export data to another reporting tool. You can visualize the data in your reports with charts, graphs and tables, while live summary statistics can provide you with on-the-fly insight on key data trends.

3. Protect what you collect

While spreadsheets have limits to how secure your data stored within them can be, Checkbox features multiuser and team permissions that let you control access that’s required for data entry, without having to allow full access to your data file. It’s ideal for data collection projects of all sizes, where you want to keep data protected against unauthorized access and viewing.

4. Collaborate with less chaos

Collaboration is a critical component to efficiency, yet data stored in spreadsheets makes collaboration difficult because of such issues as data integrity and version control. Collecting and managing data in Checkbox simplifies collaboration because everyone is assured real-time access to the most up-to-date data in one place and accessible online.

5. Collect data on the go

With Checkbox’s cloud-based platform, you can collect data anytime, anywhere by using a computer, tablet or cell phone. Checkbox is the flexible solution for collecting data on the go or for in-person data collection at such places as tradeshows and events. And it can be used for data collection at retail outlets, in doctors’ offices and from sales representatives on the road.

Learn how much easier online data collection can be with Checkbox. Check out our product features and try it FREE for 30 days.