HIPAA Compliant Survey Software Guide | How to Choose the Best Tool

As a healthcare provider, conducting surveys is a powerful way to derive tactical insights from patient experiences. Great surveys create opportunities to improve as a practice through policies, communications, and procedures. However, due to governm

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SaaS vs. On Premise Survey Software | Which is Right for You

As you consider survey tools, you’ll need to know which model is right for you. Not all survey platforms offer both SaaS and on-premise (self-hosted) solutions. If you don't know what to choose SaaS or on-premise survey software, this is the right pl

Top 10 Best Enterprise Survey Software Tools For 2023

Let’s face it: Data is the new oil. It fuels our businesses, making them smooth and profitable. But, like oil, data can be dirty and messy — especially if you’re working with fragmented data from various sources. Enterprise survey software is one of

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Guide to Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Importance of Customer Feedback Surveys:  Customer experience is especially critical in the digital age. Technology allows customers to share their experiences and opinions with a vast audience through online reviews, social media posts, and other di

The Best Customer Satisfaction and Feedback Survey Software

In today’s hyper-connected online environment, the ancient adage “the customer is always right” has a new and more significant meaning.  More than half of global internet users between 25 and 35 report posting online reviews of a product or company.

How to Process and Analyze Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is a gift. While many people like giving feedback and welcome the opportunity to connect with their favorite brands, they are driven by their own goals and deadlines, so they are not obligated to complete a survey or fill out their

Customer Satisfaction Surveys: Best Practices and Helpful Tips

Measuring customer satisfaction is the best way to understand the buyer experience, allowing businesses to produce repeat buyers and entice new buyers. As a result, many companies prioritize customer feedback like never before, attaching customer sat

The Most Important Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions

Everyone wants happy customers. After all, customer satisfaction is essential for keeping existing customers coming back for more, and it's the best way to attract potential customers to your front door or online store.  Therefore, it shouldn’t be su

How to Collect Customer Feedback

Collecting, analyzing, and responding to customer feedback is the secret to building and maintaining agile, responsible companies. However, collecting customer feedback can be challenging, especially when all businesses – from fast food restaurants t

Why Customer Feedback is Important For Your Business

Happy customers define thriving companies. For many businesses, it’s a differentiating factor, separating flourishing companies from their lackluster competition.  In the digital age, customer experience is especially critical. Technology allows cust

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