May 13, 2009|Checkbox Blog, News|

Let’s face it… today’s world, people are busy, and even if they have strong opinions, they won’t necessarily take the time to voice them.  Often times you’ll want to provide an incentive for people to respond to your surveys, which is a good idea.

One mistake a lot of people make is to assume that people will flock to the survey for a chance to get a big ticket item.  More often than not, people would rather be assured a small thank you for filling out the survey.  Instead of offering a free iPod to a randomly selected respondent, consider giving a smaller incentive.  A $5 or $10 gift card to each respondent will usually get a lot more responses.  If the respondent pool is too large to give something of that value away to each respondent, remember that the best incentive of all is making the participant feel that his or her voice will be heard, so make sure you follow up with your respondents and take action on their suggestions whenever you can.