June 9, 2009|Checkbox Blog, News|

Six months ago, the Checkbox marketing team launched a new Customer Satisfaction Survey, which is issued to all new customers 30 days after purchase.  We wished to gather data on several critical components including overall satisfaction, reasons for choosing Checkbox, uses of Checkbox, satisfaction with the sales process, and satisfaction with customer support.

The feedback has given us better insight into what our customers need and what is important to them, as well as emphasized areas where we could improve.

Here are a few highlights from our results:

  • Customers most often choose Checkbox for its Impressive Features (56%) and Affordability (54%)
  • 70% of customers who compared Checkbox to competitors rated us better in terms of Value for the Money
  • The average customer uses Checkbox more than 2-3 times per week
  • 75% of customers are either satisfied or very satisfied with Checkbox Survey
  • 82% of customers have used our online support and 49% have used phone support
  • 87% of our customers would have no problem in recommending Checkbox to others

We want our customers to know that we take their feedback to heart.  If a customer is dissatisfied with any component of our products or service, we provide comment boxes for them to explain further.  We then either address the issue with the customer personally or discuss the issue during our weekly company meetings so that a plan to remedy the problem can be put in place.

Customer feedback is also a key component of our product development process.  We actively update and review customer feedback-derived features database when developing new releases and upgrades.  While we can’t make promises about specific features, we do our best to develop the customer-requested enhancements that we think will be the most beneficial to broad customer base.  Stay tuned for the release of Version 4.6.2, which features several enhancements that were requested by our customers.  A sneak peak:  answers to open-ended questions can now be included in native SPSS and SPSS-compatible csv exports.

While we always appreciate constructive criticism and product suggestions, we also love to hear from our customers with positive customer feedback.  We are thankful for the many customer testimonials we have received and use them throughout our marketing materials and website content.  Nothing is more rewarding than hearing from a customer what we’ve saved them money or improved efficiency or positively impacted their business in some way.

“Checkbox is a critical component to our survey research services.  The product allows our team to rapidly create, deploy and administer interactive Web surveys to a wide variety of clinical studies all the while saving time and money in IT resources.” – Jason Rightmyer, Children’s Hospital Boston

The feedback from our customers has been invaluable, and we hope you will keep it coming.  And if you haven’t already done so, we also hope you will use Checkbox to gather feedback from your own customers as a means to improve customer satisfaction and drive your business.  Customer feedback provides a strong platform for building loyal customer relations, and is likely to help generte more feedback as time goes on.  And don’t forget to communicate to your customers any changes that you implement as a result of their feedback.  This will give your customers the sense that you are really listening to them and that their needs and opinions are important to you, which will go a long way in retaining them as loyal customers.

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