June 22, 2009|Checkbox Blog, News|

When issuing a survey to customers, employees, students, or the general public, be sure to clearly introduce:

  • The objective of your survey – tell your respondents what you are hoping to achieve from your survey.  For example, with a customer satisfaction survey you could detail that in order to make improvements to your service; you would appreciate some customer feedback.
  • The length of your survey – it is a good idea to approximate how long it will take a respondent to complete your survey.  This will allow the respondent to determine whether they can take the survey right away, or if they need to set aside some more time to complete.
  • Additional Instructions – if a respondent needs to be aware of any additional information, then the introduction page is a good place to present this.  Make sure your audience knows what is expected of them so that your survey can be as successful as possible.

In addition, you can also let your respondents know what you plan to do with your results and depending on whether your survey is anonymous or public, make them aware that their data will be kept confidential and will not be shared.