June 24, 2009|Checkbox Blog, Checkbox Tips & How-To's, News|

Many of us will find that we are so busy creating, designing, and managing our surveys that we often forget to consider when we should be sending them.

Checkbox Survey Solutions has helped multiple organizations deploy surveys to their customers, employees, and students and the timing of the survey has shown to be one of the most important points to consider.

  • Customers – Timing will depend on the objective of your online survey.  If you are deploying a post-purchase survey, then it is best to issue to your customers as soon as you can after they have completed the transaction, keeping the experience fresh in their minds for honest and accurate feedback.  Alternatively, you could be asking for feedback on a product or service you have recently provided them with, and therefore you will more likely receive constructive feedback after they have used the product or service for a period of time.  Checkbox Survey suggests a 30/60/90 day rule for these types of surveys.
  • Employees – Again, this will depend on the actual survey you are sending out.  For employee satisfaction, it would be disadvantageous if you issued this survey after redundancies or organizational change.  It is also recommended that you send surveys out early in the week and avoiding weekends to give your employees a reasonable amount of time to complete.  Checkbox Survey’s Invitation Manager allows you to issue reminders to your respondents when necessary, providing you with the option to send your survey at the beginning of the week, and issuing reminders mid-week to those respondents that are still to submit.
  • Students – During term time is definitely the best chance you have of receiving student feedback.  Immediately after classes/courses have ended and before they rotate to a new class or course.  Graduation surveys should be issued as soon after graduation as possible.  Alumni surveys can be issued at any point, just make sure you have up-to-date contact details for best results.

In helping many organizations to deploy important surveys, we are well aware of the important aspects of creating a successful survey and generating the necessary feedback by understanding the goals and objectives of your individual requirements.  For more information on Checkbox Survey and the professional services we offer please visit www.checkbox.com/solutions or call one of our product experts at 1-866-430-8274 (Int’l +1-617-715-9605).