Checkbox Survey’s reporting functionality features a 100% web based interface for creating reports and exporting data.  Reports can be created using the Checkbox Survey Report Wizard, an existing report template, or a new, user-designed report.  Once the report has been designed, users can analyze one or more survey items and present the results in a variety of formats such as pie charts, line and bar graphs, table summaries, and cross tabulations.

The ability to filter reports based on certain survey attributes or dates will make data analysis much quicker and more efficient in being able to target the important information your survey has generated.

Report filters allow you to drill down to subsets of survey data within a report.  For example, you may create a filter on a survey item so that only respondents who answered in a particular way will be included in a report.  You may assign filters to an entire report, or to individual items within a report, so that only responses that meet the filter criteria will be include in that report or report item.

You can manage report filters from the Survey Reports page, after you have created and ran a report.  Select ‘Edit Filters’ from the icon menu which will allow you to create customized report filters, or auto generate filters.  You have the choice to create filters on survey questions, user attributes, or response properties, as well as having the option to select date filters.

You may apply multiple filters to a report or report item, where responses must meet ALL filter criteria to be included within a specific report or report item.

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