July 6, 2009|Checkbox Blog, News|

A recent blog post by onemilliontips reports that mobile surveys are providing a new way for organizations to collect customer feedback.  Customers are issued surveys via an internet-based interface which are delivered to a cell phone via text message.  The customer then enters a code to access the survey.

The benefits of mobile surveys are becoming more apparent as organizations strive to receive real-time, accurate feedback and reports based on customer experience.  Mobile survey software works as an add-on client to a survey server using the internet as the link.

As mobile surveys become more popular, the demand for the technology is increasing.  Checkbox Mobile Survey offers the latest in mobile survey software and allows you to gather data where it lives.  Checkbox Mobile can be used as an add-on client to Checkbox Survey Server or Checkbox Online, and is available for Windows mobile devices, Tablet PC’s, and laptops running Windows XP.

Key Features and Benefits of Checkbox Mobile:

  • Wired or Wireless Synchronization – Simply install the mobile client on your PDA or computer then synchronize your data over the internet and you’re up and running.
  • Secure and Scalable Architecture – As an add-on to Checkbox Survey, Checkbox Mobile is robust enough to handle even a large organization’s survey volume.  It also integrates with Checkbox Server to ensure that your surveys and data are routed securely to the correct users.
  • Create on the Web, Deploy to the Handheld – Surveys can be easily created centrally via the web and easily deployed to handhelds via a central synch server.
  • Fully Integrated with Checkbox – Mobile applications integrate seamlessly with Checkbox Survey and other Checkbox add-ons, as well as powerful integration features which unlock data for use throughout your organization.
  • Efficient and Reliable Processing – Workflow and routing speed processing reduce errors by ensuring the right people see the right forms.
  • Powerful Core Technologies – Checkbox Mobile is built for Windows Mobile 2003 using the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework.  Tablet/PC editions support Windows XP/Vista.  The Checkbox Mobile database is powered by iAnywhere Adaptive Server Anywhere and Mobilink.

To learn more about Checkbox Mobile, visit www.checkbox.com