by Joshua Pratt

Recently I received a support ticket from one of our clients requesting the ability to send Thank You Emails to their respondents. Their marketing team did not have the resources to be able to create and format thank you notes for each survey, so they needed these emails to be sent automatically following each response without any additional review or work.

Thanks to the Checkbox Email Alert feature I was able to provide them a resolution instantly.

In this case, the respondent was asked to enter his or her email address on the first page of our client’s survey. I then instructed the client to add an Email Alert Item (located under – Items -> Action Items -> Email Alert) to the last page of their survey. This page is called the completion events page. After adding the email alert item, they could then configure it with their marketing team’s email address, the respondent’s email address (taken from the first page of their survey) and, of course, their thank you message.

After just two minutes of survey editing, their request was completed. All respondents now get a quaint, personalized thank you message upon completing the survey.

Hopefully you can use this feature when building your next survey!

– The Checkbox Support Team

Pro Tip: Besides piping in your respondent’s email address, you can also pipe user attributes and responses into your Email Alert. This can help you create a more custom Email Alert/Thank you email.