It is very important that after you have collected survey responses that you are able to view and analyze the data to then take action on the results.

Checkbox’s reporting functionality allows you to easily generate and customize summary reports so you see the results that are important to you. Here we will show you how to incorporate “Other” responses into your reports summary.

We asked our customers in a satisfaction survey, ‘How did you hear about Checkbox Survey?’ We offered them various options and also presented an ‘Other’ option response to understand where else customers were hearing about us.
A basic Checkbox generated report will provide you with a pie chart or column graph that will display the number or percentage of ‘Other’ responses you have received. However, you also have the option to display the ‘Other’ responses below the chart itself in a table format.
When you have generated a report, sample previews of each item will be displayed under your report URL link:


The summary data will show the basic pie chart that will display the numerical or percentage data of ‘Other’ responses. To detail the ‘Other’ responses below this chart, select ‘Edit’ on the right hand side and select ‘Aggregate And Display – Combine all “Other” responses for statistics, then list the individual responses in a table below’ under ‘Other Options’ as seen below:



Select ‘OK’ and the sample report will now show an “Other Answers” table below your chart. Now, if you select your actual survey report URL you will see your finished chart, displaying ‘Other’ responses below:



We hope this information helps you customize your Checkbox Reports and helps you analyze the valuable data you are generating.

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