November 12, 2009|Checkbox Blog, News, Survey Trends & Best Practices|

I just got back from lunch at a popular chain Italian restaurant where, it turns out, a local food critic’s television show was filming. Other than wondering why in the world they were filming rolled out pizza dough with nothing on it over and over, the main thing my lunch companian and I noticed were the restaurant managers. There were not one, not two, but three managers in starched shirts whipping around the restaurant and feverishly clearing plates and re-filling sodas. Now, I’ve been to this restaurant a number of times since it’s close to my office and I will say that the management has always been relatively attentive and eager to resolve any issues we’ve had with the food or service. However, I certainly have never seen three managers there at once – they were clearly there to put on a show for the cameras.

Not to say that I blame them. If a television crew was filming my office, I would certainly take care that desks were tidied up and that everyone was putting their best foot forward. But it made me stop and think – in an age of economic uncertainty and increasing competition across most industries, shouldn’t we be giving our customers the best service possible even when nobody is watching? If you can put on a show and give exceptional customer service when you have an audience, then you can do it every day. And even when nobody else notices, your most important audience – the customer that needs you – always does.


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