November 11, 2009|Checkbox Blog, News, Survey Trends & Best Practices|

You can’t be everything to everyone – sounds like something your mother used to tell you, doesn’t it? But I think it’s a lesson many companies, especially small businesses, are still struggling to learn.

I was at a marketing and networking event last night and this attendee came up to me and said “I should know Checkbox Survey, but I don’t. I work with a lot of online survey software providers, but I’ve never heard of you.”  She went on to say that she works for a market research company that runs panel communities and she listed several survey software companies who are well known in the market research space. I told her that market researchers are not really our target market (although we’re working to change that) and I mentioned a couple of our direct competitors. Her response? “Yeah, I’ve heard of them but I’ve still never heard of you.”

Well! I must admit that my ego was a bit bruised at first. But the more I thought about it over the course of the evening, the more I began to believe that there’s no reason she should have heard of us. Sure, in an ideal world, we’d be the Apple of online survey software and everyone would know and love us. Since I don’t anticipate that happening anytime soon, I have to accept that not everyone I meet is going to know Checkbox, love us, or be the right fit for our software.

And that’s more than fine. There are hundreds of survey tools on the market, all with different features and competitive advantages. And there are thousands upon thousands of customers shopping for an online survey tool – all with different requirements, desires and budgets. I would be a fool to try and attract the attention of every survey shopper or browser out there. I need to pretend that the customers for whom Checkb0x wouldn’t be a good fit don’t even exist, and instead devote 100% of my time and energy to the customers that matter – the ones whose needs and desires I can meet with the products and services I have today.  And if that means that my ego gets a little bruised along the way by the customers outside my target market, then so be it.

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