We recently offered advice on a well known market research forum as to how you can increase the responses to a satisfaction survey in B2B context.  This is information we offer to many of our clients on a daily basis and thought it would be useful to post and share with all our readers.

  1. Customers are generally more motivated to provide feedback by a passion for your product/services (positive or negative) than they are by giveaways.  Building a community of customers who are tied to your offering or company is the #1 way to increase quality feedback.  A baby step in the meantime is to impress upon them, in a concise manner, how valuable their opinions and time are to you.
  2. Linked to #1, practice what you preach.  If you value their time, don’t waste it.  Make sure every question has a purpose and use the systems and software you have in place to avoid asking duplicate information such as company name or products purchased.
  3. Similarly, keep your survey concise and as user friendly as possible.  Do not load a survey page with so many questions that a respondent has to scroll and scroll – this will only lead to frustration and incomplete responses.  Use branching and conditional logic to ensure that your respondent is only answering questions that are relevant to him/her.
  4. If you want your survey to be forwarded on, make it easy to do so.  We advise creating a unique URL for each company and branding that survey with the company logo to make it friendly and inviting, and embed a “Share” widget or something similar in the survey to make it easy to pass on.
  5. We will also add caution to #4 and the risk of opening up your survey to sharing.  We would advocate using a  tool that has robust security options so you can limit the survey to one response per IP address, password protect it, limit access to a range of URL’s, etc.  Sure you want to maximize your response rate, but you also want quality.

Always keep in mind the end objective and what information you are looking to gather.  Also, make sure you test surveys before issuing and clear up any errors/logic before they hit your customers/respondents.

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