For those of you taking advantage of Checkbox’s many email features, such as the Invitations Manager and email alerts/responses, we are very excited to announce a significant improvement on the way we handle email within the application. We have replaced our existing internal mail server with SendGrid, a cloud-based mail service that has already vastly improved delivery rates, quadrupled email send speed, and now enables us to track bounce-back stats.

SendGrid, praised by such email-reliant companies as HootSuite and SlideShare, blew away our expectations during high-volume testing. Checkbox users can expect noticeably shorter queue times and fewer send errors, and whitelabeling ensures that all email will come from your domain.

In addition to enhanced email distribution speed, SendGrid offers the functionality for tracking delivery information, including:

  • Email clicks
  • Opens
  • Bounce-backs
  • Uncubscribes
  • Opens
  • Blocks
  • Spam reports
  • and more!

The above email back-tracking features will be available to Checkbox customers in the near future as a premium feature. You can test out our new SendGrid supported email server by registering for a free trial version of Checkbox Survey Solutions 4.7. For more information contact the Checkbox sales team at or 866-430-8274 (Int’l 1-617-715-9605).