May 25, 2011|Checkbox Blog, Checkbox News, News|

Search. I’m willing to bet this word is used more now than ever before in the history of words. Can you honestly say you haven’t Googled anything today?

…I didn’t think so.

Thanks to web browsers and search engines we now have the ability to search for a term almost as quickly as we can think of it and anything less than instant is too slow. Twenty years ago we would have had to locate the information in individual hardcovers and paperbacks. Books. Remember those? There was no such thing as “universal search.”  We used to actually have to find sources before we could find information, where now we can simply type a keyword into a text field and a thousand sources find us, which brings us to the topic of today’s blog post. One of Checkbox 5.0’s many new time-saving features (and one of my favorite additions), is Universal Search. It’s like Google, but smaller.

Previously, Checkbox users had to conduct separate searches for each “Checkbox Manager” (i.e. Survey Manager, Users Manager, Reports Manager, etc.). This could be a tedious task if you weren’t sure where your entity was located in the application. Now, with Universal Search, you can choose how broad or narrow you want your search results to be. Search the entire application at once, or filter by Surveys, Responses, Users, etc. Checkbox will actually separate your search results into categories and tell you how many results were generated for each one. When you expand a category and select a search result, details on that entity will preview in the dashboard on the right side of the screen. You don’t even have to leave the search page!

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