November 9, 2011|Checkbox Blog, News, Survey Trends & Best Practices|

The holidays are upon us and in the spirit of giving Checkbox would like to share the following gift idea with you to use on customers, students, members, employees, or anyone else who responded to one of your surveys this year:

Repay Survey Respondents with Response Data


A. Because they are curious, just like you. Have you ever completed a survey and not been interested to find out whether your answers align with the majority? You can easily scratch this itch by including an aggregate visual report at the end of a survey to show respondents where they fit in. Not only will your respondents feel more involved in your organization, they will feel appreciated.

B. Because your respondents want to make a difference. You’ve implemented surveys, forms, questionnaires, or polls into your business process for the purpose of learning about your market and improving your product or service.  Why not reward loyal respondents with the knowledge that their participation in your survey directly influenced these positive changes in your organization?

Show them the hard facts:   “80% of students indicated that evening classes are preferred over morning classes, therefor we will be increasing the number of evening course offerings beginning Spring 2012 semester…”

Or keep the numbers to yourself:  “As a result of  your helpful feedback, has decided to extend our holiday support hours from 9AM-5PM to 8AM-midnight through January 10, 2012…”

However you choose to share the results, show respondents you care by giving something back.