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The Checkbox Team recently launched a feedback survey to customers, several of whom responded with some good “How To” questions related to Checkbox 5. Below you will find the more common how-tos requested, in addition to a few others that we think should help you use Checkbox 5 more efficiently year:

1. How to rename a survey (watch video)

  • Select the survey name at the top of the Survey Dashboard. The name will appear in an editable text field.
  • Select the green check mark to save your changes, or the red “x” icon to exit the editor.

1.a. (click to zoom)

2. How to delete responses (watch video)

  • Select the Responses tab from the Survey Dashboard.
  • Select the View All button to manage responses.

2.a. (click to zoom)

  • At the top of the list of responses on the left side of the window you will see options to ‘Delete Selected Responses’, ‘Delete All Responses’, or ‘Delete Test Responses’.

2.b. (click to zoom)

3. Use the ‘Collapse’ feature to make room on your desktop

  • From any dashboard view, select the ‘Collapse’ button at the top left-hand side of the page to hide the page navigation. This feature is useful when copying and pasting survey items into Checkbox from documents.

3.a. Select ‘Collapse’ to hide navigation panel (click to zoom)

  • To return the page navigation panel, select the orange bar on the left of the screen.

3.b. Select orange sidebar to expand navigation panel (click to zoom)

4. Use the ‘Back to Manager’ feature to return to the Survey Manager from Survey Editor

  • From the Survey Editor, select the ‘Back to Manager’ button at the top left-hand side of the page to return to the Survey Manager. When the Survey Manager opens, your survey will be pre-selected and your survey dashboard will be expanded.

4.a. (click to zoom)

5. How to customize statistics table columns

  • Specify columns displayed in a Statistics Table for Rating Scale items under the Appearance tab of the report item.

5.a. (click to zoom)

6. How to link a Checkbox summary table to Microsoft Excel

  • From the Data tab in Excel, select the ‘From Web’ icon. A window will appear.

6.a. (click to zoom)

  • Copy the report URL and insert it into the URL Address field and select Go. When the table loads, select Import. Select OK when the Import Data dialog appears

6.b. (click to zoom)

  • When you select the ‘Refresh’ icon on the Data menu, Excel will update this table with the latest response data as displayed on the report entered on the import window.

6.d. (click to zoom)

7. Copy an entire survey to your Library.

  • Open the Libraries Manager.
  • Select the Create New Library button on the left and name library.
  • Select the Add Item button at the top of the library dashboard on the right. When the dialog opens, select Copy from Survey.
  • Click the preview icon to the right of the desired survey title to view items in that survey. To select all items in a survey, click the box in the blue bar at the top of the list. Select Next and exit the wizard.
Add Survey to Library


8. When using the drag-and-drop feature to move a survey item from one page to another, the destination page must be expanded prior to dragging and dropping or the item will not stick.
9. Use the Matrix Sum Total item compare the sum of other items to a predefined value (watch video)

  • Create a Matrix item.
  • Under the Columns tab of the Matrix item editor create a new “Sum Total” column.

9.a. (click to zoom)

  • Set the Sum Total and response options under the column Behavior tab. Test item.
Sum Total Item

9.b. (click to zoom)

10. Save time with Automatic Login (watch video)

  • Select desired user from the Users Manager to expand user dashboard.
  • Under Login Information select the Automatic Login URL.
Automatic Login

10.a. (click to zoom)

  • Bookmark URL or save to desktop.


11. Install Google Chrome Frame to run IE8 or older with Checkbox 5.
12. Change the Row Text column location in Matrix items (watch video)

  • Create or open a Matrix item with multiple columns.
  • Under the Columns tab of the Matrix item editor, select the arrow icon to the far left of the column label and drag it from the 1st position to a desired location.

Move Matrix Column

12.a. (click to zoom)

Move Matrix Column

12.b. (click to zoom)

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