August 16, 2012|Checkbox Blog, Checkbox News, Email & Social Survey Distribution, News|

Checkbox Survey version 5.5.1 introduces the ability to schedule email invitations and reminders! Previously, invitations and reminders could only be sent immediately upon creation, or saved as a draft for later use. This configuration was limiting, because invitation creators had to be logged in at the time of deployment. Now, thanks to helpful customer feedback, Checkbox users are no longer bound to office hours or time zones and have the freedom to deploy surveys via Checkbox email invitation at a time of their choosing.

Users can literally schedule an invitation down to the exact minute thanks to our newly implemented date-pickers, which include hour and minute sliders for easy (and fun!) time selection.

Invitation creators have the ability to easily reschedule previously scheduled invitations and reminders, directly from the survey dashboard.

To learn more about invitation scheduling, check out our updated “Checkbox 5 – Email Invitations Guide” >> or contact us at 1-866-430-8274 or