January 12, 2018|Checkbox Blog, Checkbox News|

In light of the recent chatter and media coverage surrounding data and application security, we wanted to remind you of some important steps you can take to ensure that your Checkbox account and data are secure. When using Checkbox, please make sure that you:

  • Don’t share your Checkbox login: Everyone who uses Checkbox is required by our terms to have their own username and password.If you need additional users, please contact your account manager or sales@checkbox.com. In addition to violating our terms, sharing logins is a big security risk. The easiest way you can protect your surveys and data is by not sharing your login or saving it anywhere it can be easily discovered. This includes saving your password in your browser settings, especially if your computer is shared.
  • Don’t log in concurrently: Logging into Checkbox concurrently (at the same time, with the same login as another user) can cause data integrity issues and errors in the application.
  • Use a strong password: Here is a good reference when it comes to creating strong passwords. System Admins can also enable password restrictions for their users in the System Settings.
  • Log out of Checkbox: If you step away from your workstation, make sure to log out and/or lock your computer. Checkbox includes an automatic timeout after 20 minutes of inactivity, but this is still plenty of time for someone to access your data.
  • Don’t share email invitations: Make sure you and/or your respondents do not forward or share email invitations coming from Checkbox. The links in the invitations are unique to each user and, if shared, can cause data integrity issues and also cause respondents to see/overwrite each other’s data. We recommend adding a note to your invitations instructing recipients not to forward their invitations or links.
  • Keep Checkbox updated (on-premises only): If you host Checkbox on your own servers, you should keep Checkbox as up to date as possible, since we include security enhancements with nearly every version release. Also note that we can only address security issues in the most recent version of the software.
  • Notify us if you collect PHI: If you are collecting Personal Health Information (PHI), or any other data that is sensitive or protected by data privacy laws, you should contact us at info@checkbox.com to discuss additional data security measures.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the protection of your Checkbox account or data, please contact us at info@checkbox.com or 1-617-231-8890.

– The Checkbox Survey Team