May 2, 2019|Checkbox Blog, Checkbox News|

**Please carefully read all information below regarding the release of our latest version, Checkbox 7. If you have any questions, please contact your account manager or customer support.**

Checkbox 7 Release Information

Hosted Customers: System Administrators of Checkbox hosted accounts will be receiving information about the upgrade schedule. Checkbox hosted customers will have a chance to demo a trial version of Checkbox 7 before choosing a date to upgrade their existing accounts.

On-Premises Customers: Checkbox on-premises customers with valid support contracts will receive free access to Checkbox 7. We recommend subscribing to our Announcements forum in order to be notified when the new version has been released in the support portal.  There will be an additional fee to upgrade to the Checkbox 7 source code – if you require the source code, please contact Checkbox sales for details.

Checkbox 7 Major Features

Checkbox 7 will feature a number of large enhancements, including:

  •  – Updated User Interface: Both the administrative interface and the survey taking interface are getting a facelift. Usability/ease of use should be improved, especially for new users, and surveys will look cleaner and more modern. You can see a sneak preview of the new designs here.
  •  – Updated Architecture: While the new architecture isn’t something you can see, it will improve performance, especially for large surveys. It will also make developing new features faster and easier in the near future, so stay tuned for announcements about our plans for 2019.
  •  – New Reporting Dashboard: In addition to the existing reporting features in Checkbox, Version 7 will include a new Reporting Dashboard. The Dashboard will allow you to report across multiple surveys at once, live-filter your results, and import external data by .csv to the dashboard.
  •  – New REST API: Checkbox 7 will replace the current WCF Web Services API with a new, more robust, more powerful REST API. Customers who are using the current API will need to switch to the new REST API when they upgrade to Checkbox 7. The new REST API is currently open for testing – please contact support ASAP if you have not already received communications about gaining test access to the REST API.

Other Features and Important Changes to Checkbox 7

In addition to the major features listed above, Checkbox 7 will include many small features, enhancements, and changes. Please carefully review the list of changes and enhancements below BEFORE you upgrade and contact support if you have any questions about how your account will be impacted.

Signing In

  •  – Checkbox hosted customers will need to sign into a central login page at ( for customers hosted in Canada or for customers hosted in the EU). Hosted customers will need to enter their account name or subdomain, in addition to their username and password. Survey URLs will not change.
  •  – Checkbox on-premises customers will sign in at the URL given to them by their System Administrator.

Survey Creation

  •  – The existing CAPTCHA item will be replaced by Google ReCAPTCHA. Checkbox hosted customers’ surveys will be automatically updated with the new ReCAPTCHA item. On-Premises customers will need to provide Checkbox with a ReCAPTCHA API key before the new item will display. Survey creators may choose to add either visible or invisible CAPTCHA items to their survey.
  •  – Surveys will now be exported as JSON files rather than XML files for translation of survey text or import of surveys into other installations. Checkbox 7 will not support the import of surveys from Checkbox 6.
  •  – There will no longer be a need to first turn on “scoring” before adding points to answer choices. All surveys will allow the optional assignment of point values to answer choices.
  •  – Custom JavaScript and CSS will need to be updated to match the new Checkbox 7 survey structure.

Survey Branding and Customization

  •  – The Style Manager has been simplified to make creating new styles quicker and easier.
  •  – Existing survey style templates will be updated to utilize the new style editor and style options. Styles that are upgraded from version 6 may need some minor modifications to produce a similar appearance in version 7.
  •  – Mobile style templates will be removed, as surveys and standard style templates will be responsive by default.

Survey Taking

  •  – Accessibility standards will be updated to WCAG 2.1 for survey taking. This is an improvement over the current 508 compliance standards.
  •  – Surveys will be fully mobile-responsive by default. Responsive surveys will replace the current mobile-friendly surveys that utilize JQuery Mobile in Checkbox 6.
  •  – Simple matrix items will now be responsive. Larger matrix items may still require the respondent to scroll to view all columns.

Survey Sharing

  •  – System Administrators will be able to set default email invitation and reminder text in the system settings.


We will be replacing Libraries with a new, improved feature called Templates, allowing you to save full surveys (including logic) as templates that can be copied by other users. We expect that Templates should be released in the next 30 days. Prior to upgrading, we recommend importing your Library Items into a survey so that you can save the survey as a Template when that feature is rolled out.


  •  – All charts and report items have been updated to use a more modern plugin.
  •  – Statistical Table and NPS Statistical Table have been combined into one report item.


  •  – Users are now called Contacts. User Groups are now called Contact Lists.
  •  – Email List functionality has been deprecated. Users may import a simple list of email addresses and save it as a Contact List. Either email address or username is required – all other Contact fields are optional.
  •  – The process to import Contacts has been simplified so that admins can import a simple list of email addresses or a more complete list that includes custom contact details.
  •  – Admin users can be added in the Contacts manager or in the system settings. All admin users will also show up in Contacts since they have access to take surveys.
  •  – User Admins and Group Admins will be combined into one role called Contact Admin. Contact Admins will be able to create and administer both Contacts and Contact Lists.

Permissions and Settings

  •  – Survey and other Access Lists have been simplified to make sharing surveys and data easier.
  •  – The Ungroup Permissions option has been removed from Access Lists. Permissions settings that have been manually set under the current Ungroup Permissions view will be rolled up into the following structure:
    •  – Administer Survey includes: administer survey, delete survey, edit survey, take survey
    •  – Analyze Data includes: create report, create and delete report filters
    •  – Edit/Take Survey includes: edit survey, take survey
    •  – Take Survey includes : take survey
    •  – View Survey Responses includes: view responses, export responses
    •  – Edit and Delete User Responses will be added as a new permission option
  •  – A user must have Administer Survey access to a survey in order to delete it, rather than just Edit access.
  •  – System Admins of Checkbox hosted accounts will have the ability to add their own languages in the System Settings.


  •  – Use of JWT for single-sign on will require updating of the JWT library and integration code.
  •  – “Locked out” users will no longer require a System Administrator to unlock their account. If a user is locked out due to too many failed login attempts, their account will be unlocked after 15 minutes so they can try again. System Admins and User/Group Admins can still activate or deactivate a user by editing their profile. Note that any users who are deactivated or locked out when the upgrade is performed on their account will retain that status until manually unlocked by a System Admin.
  •  – Concurrent logins are no longer permitted. Logging in on a second device will disconnect the user from the first device.
  •  – Users will no longer be able to use the User GUID to automatically log in as another user.
  •  – Large-scale performance and security updates have been applied.


  •  – The response timeline has been removed from the survey dashboard. Response counts for Favorite Surveys are shown on the dashboard inside the survey “card.”
  •  – The activity timeline has been temporarily removed and will be replaced by a status dashboard for System Admins in the near future. User activity and other “audit trail” data is now available through the API.

Technical Requirements (on-premises customers only)

Component Minimum Requirements
Operating System x64 version of Windows 2008 R2 or above
Web Server   Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) 7 or higher with AT LEAST 4 GB RAM
Database Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 and above. SQL Server Express Editions also supported
Cloud Hosting          Amazon EC2, Amazon Elastic Beanstalk, Azure Virtual Machines, Rackspace Cloud Servers. Checkbox           supports virtual machine environments on Microsoft Azure and Rackspace. Checkbox does NOT support Rackspace Application hosting tools.
Browser Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0 or higher; Microsoft Edge, most recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari
Privileges Administrator access to Web Server and Database Server required for installation.
Disk Space 1GB for application and base database; Overall database size depends on the number of surveys, users, and  responses.
ASP.NET .NET 4.6.1

Source code requires development environment with the .NET 4.6.1 SDK and Node JS installed. Node JS is not a requirement for the web application to be hosted.

Changes from Checkbox 6:

  •  – Removing support for x86 (32 bit) versions of all operating systems



Please contact support with any questions about the upgrade or about how the above changes will affect you. For questions about your account or the status of your support contract, please contact your account manager or