June 5, 2015|News, On-Premises Survey Software|
integrate survey software build vs. buy

If you think the only way to develop robust survey software is to build it from scratch, you may want to think again. Because as it turns out, there are many powerful development tools you can use to transform off-the-shelf software into a customized survey solution for your business.

Developing a feature-rich online survey tool is an expensive and time-intensive undertaking. With the right developer tools, however, you can benefit from someone else’s development work – for a fraction of the investment.

So how can you customize off-the-shelf survey software instead of building your own?

API Integration

Choose survey software that offers Web Services and/or an API, which allows you to integrate with outside systems with minimal development and investment. This is an excellent and low-risk way to tap into outside development expertise and bring survey services to your users – while boosting the value of your application.

Custom Development

Purchasing the software developer kit (SDK) or source code for your survey software may allow you to build a your own survey solution by customizing the existing code that’s provided. With the necessary license agreement, you can use the SDK and Source Code to modify and rebrand the software for internal or external use. You save time and money by leveraging existing survey features and also adding or changing what you need to make it work for you.

OEM Licensing

Need to add survey functionality to your existing software or hosted application? Purchase an OEM licenseso you can integrate survey software into the applications or services that you sell or license to your clients. You get all the benefits of fully developed and supported survey tools without the high costs of having to build, maintain or support them.

Private Labeling

Looking to add to your revenue stream by offering survey software to your customers? The ability to “private label” or “white label” an existing survey tool gives you the freedom to re-brand and sell online survey software as a stand-alone product. As with the other options, purchasing a private label license is generally a fraction of the cost of building a comparable tool in-house. Plus, you benefit from the availability of new features, bug fixes, and enhancements with the purchase of product maintenance.

Checkbox Survey offers wide-ranging developer tools that you can use to extend, customize and integrate our survey functionality for your benefit. Our survey software is the product of over ten years of development that has added features, as well as enhanced stability and security. We offer many affordable pricing models and licensing options that will fit just about any budget. Contact us to learn more today.