Checkbox creates the most flexible on-premises survey software available today. Thousands of customers have customized Checkbox to fit their survey needs. We’re proud of our software’s core flexibility.

If you’re looking to customize your survey implementation, check out the new Checkbox Developer Center. It’s been designed specifically to help tech-savvy customers customize our software. It provides easy access to detailed software documentation, code samples, and basic Checkbox development assistance. It’s a work in progress in these early days, but it’s growing rapidly. We’re announcing the developer center now because there’s lots of useful information there already. If you have suggestions for new developer center content, we’d love to hear from you.

Here’s a overview of what you’ll find in the new developer center, the classes of content we’re going to keep building out aggressively:

Development teams in Checkbox customer organizations have access to an extensive suite of Checkbox web services. The new developer center provides all the web services documentation developers needs to make full use of these tools. We’re adding new content to this section of the developer center every day. Already, it contains documentation and code samples for the most utilized and most useful methods in the services. Methods such as creating users, creating and sending invitations, and exporting data are fully documented and ready for you to start coding.

With the new features and tools provided in the latest Checkbox release, there needs to be some context and information on how to access and manipulate the elements and structure of the actual survey page itself. The survey customization section of the developer center will provide that information, along with detailed samples for completing both basic and complex survey operations using JavaScript and CSS.

Checkbox on-premises customers have the option of purchasing the Checkbox software development kit and/or the full source code of our survey software.  The source code and SDK section of the developer center will contain all the documentation developers need to make full use of these tools. Using the Checkbox source code and SDK allows the deepest level of Checkbox customization, things like altering the admin interface, creating new types of survey items, adding new API calls, and for OEM and white-label license holders, completely integrating the Checkbox application into your existing set of tools.

If you have questions or requests for more information to be added to the developer center please feel free to reach out to Checkbox support via our online support system. Our team will be glad to assist you.