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Adding Customer Profile Properties


What is a Profile Property?

A profile property is a defining contact attribute, such as first name, last name, address, phone number, etc. Profile Properties can be used as a source for:

  • merging text into your survey or invitation
  • setting conditions
  • triggering events
  • filtering reports
  • organizing Groups

How to Create a Custom Profile Property

1. Navigate to Account Settings
  • You must be a System Administrator to access Profile Properties. If you are not a System Admin, you must request that one of your account’s System Admins complete these steps for you.
  • Click your username in the upper right corner of your account and then Account Settings

2. Navigate to Profile Properties
  • Click on the Contacts tab
  • Expand the Profile Properties header to display the existing Profile Properties in your account

3. Add your new Profile Properties
  • Click the Add a New Property button and give your Profile Property a unique name.
  • Click Save
  • Drag and drop the Profile Properties if you would like to re-order them.
4. Important Notes
  • Making changes to Profile Properties (adding, deleting or editing) will affect the available Profile Properties for all users on your account.
  • Deleting Profile Properties will also delete all data in that Profile Profile field for all your Contacts, so delete with care!
  • The “Hide” option will hide the Selected Profile Property field from your Contact self-registration form (if you are using self-registration).

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