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Profile Property Updater Deep Dive


Profile Property Updater

The Profile Property Updater will allow you to update your Contacts with the answers you receive to your survey. This enables you to use a survey as a contact management system. It requires that you email out your survey and add respondents to the survey from your Contacts in Checkbox.

Here we have a simple Contact question with three fields. Under Action Item, you can see where the Profile Property Updater can be added to a page. 

Configuring the Profile Property Updater

The Profile Property Updater action item needs to be added to the page following the source question. You will select the Source Question from the dropdown list, and select the User Profile Property that it will update. Then click Add, and Save the changes. 

Here we have a Profile Property Updater that has one rule added: When the respondent enters a First Name as their answer to question 1.1.1, then the FirstName contact field will be updated. You can add a New Property by clicking Add for the “Last Name : Last Name”, and you can add a condition that determines when the Profile Property Updater will trigger. 

Note: If you have multiple Source Questions in a Profile Property Updater, then all questions need to be answered for the Profile Property Updater to trigger. Make sure that all Source Questions are required, or else break them up into multiple Profile Property Updaters. 

The Profile Property Updater in practice

Here I’ve added a Profile Property Updater for the Organization field.

To distribute the survey, I go to the Share tab and create an email campaign. I add the respondents from my Contacts in Checkbox. The respondent fills out the question:

And the survey adds this information to the Contact’s Profile Properties:

With this method, you can maintain a CSV over time, allowing respondents to update any information that has changed. 

It has many creative applications. A large healthcare entity uses it to automate their compliance, sending out the survey yearly and getting confirmation from their participants and allowing them to report any financial conflicts. This information is then stored with the respondents name and email in a CSV. 

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