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How to Configure SAML


The steps to configure SAML will depend on your Identity Provider (IdP). This guide will cover the initial steps.

To complete configuration, follow the additional steps found below for your IdP. If you do not see your IdP listed, contact us at support@checkbox.com for more help.

Configuration Admin Application

Follow these steps to enable SAML on your Checkbox account:

  1. Log in as an admin user
  2. Navigate to “Account settings”
  3. Select “System preferences” tab
  4. Click on “Enable SAML”
  5. Fill in all properties (see below)
  6. Save configuration


1. Issuer

Enter the value from your IdP.

2. Signature Algorithm

Enter the value from your IdP

3. Metadata URL

Enter the value from your IdP. More information can be found here.

4. Certificate Validation Mode

For Checkbox Online, this should be "None".

For Checkbox On-Prem, an admin can set additional certificates to Trusted Root Certification Authorities and select other values.

5. Revocation Mode

Select "NoCheck". Other options may be supported in the future.


Instructions for Specific Identity Providers

You'll find documentation for certain Identity Providers in the "Related Articles" below. If you don't see your  particular Identity Provider listed, send us a note at support@checkbox.com! We'd love to discuss.