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Radio Button Question Type Deep Dive


Radio Button Deep Dive 

Use radio buttons when you’d like respondents to choose a single response from a list of two or more available options that are mutually exclusive. This means that a customer can only submit a single answer for this question type. If you aren’t sure that the list of potential answers covers all of the potential responses, you can include “other” as an option. This will prompt the respondent to submit a free form text to catch any edge cases.

Common Support Questions to troubleshoot this question type

Question: I’d like for users to be able to select multiple options, is this supported?

Answer: If you want to allow respondents to select multiple options, you might be looking for the “Checkboxes Question Type” which you can read more about here: Checkboxes Question Type Deep Dive

Question: What happens if a user selects a single option and wants to deselect all options to have a null answer? 

Answer: Checkbox offers the ability to add a “Form Reset’ Button to the survey page. When you do, users can click that button and all answers are removed from the survey. Here is what they looks like:


Question: I have typed in “Other” as a choice, but it does not prompt my respondents to add additional information. 

Answer: To have an “Other” option with a prompt for additional information, you need to go to the “Behavior” settings within the question and select the “Allow Other” box. This will create an additional option with the expected prompt for users. If you would like to collect a specific type of information from users that select “Other”, see the Advanced Use Case below in this article. 

Advanced Use Case: How to use advanced logic and conditions with radio button question types. 

One thing that customers often ask is if they can ask for more information or collect a document from users that select a specific radio button. This is absolutely supported by Checkbox. To get this done, you can use logic to trigger this additional question or action. Here are the steps to driving logic based on the answer from a previous answer:

  1. Create your original radio button question. 
  1. Create an additional question right after the radio button question that is designed to capture the additional information that you want to collect (free form text, upload document, signature, etc.). In this example, we are going to have the customer upload an image if they choose a specific answer to the original question. 
  1. After choosing the question type and prompt, navigate to the “Conditions” section and set the logic that you want to accomplish. In this case, we are going to trigger this question to be asked based on the previous question “What is your favorite color?” and then we will only trigger this question to be shown if the customer chooses “Blue” as their answer. 

  1. This will ensure that when a customer chooses a different answer, then no additional trigger will take place. If they choose Blue however, they will be asked to upload the image.

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