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How to Create a Scored Survey


What is a Scored Survey?

A scored survey assigns points to some or all of the questions of a survey and those points add up to the survey’s total score. Scored surveys can help create tests, quizzes, assessments, and virtually any other type of form that relies on tabulation. As respondents progress through the survey, their score is accumulated. After the survey, the score can be kept confidential, displayed to the respondent, or different messages can be shown based on the score. Additionally, you can send an email notification containing the score to the respondent or another individual.

Assigning Points to Your Question Choices

Checkbox enables you to assign points to each question choice. Assigning points to each question is optional. Point values can be added to the Radio Button, Checkbox, Dropdown, Matrix, Rating, and Image/Text Slider questions. Users can enter the point value next to each answer choice for the listed question types.

NOTE: Scores are automatically calculated for NPS, Numeric Slider, and Rating Scale questions based on the numerical value of the answer chosen.

Ways to View/Use a Respondent’s Score

Checkbox allows the user to:

  1. View the score of the respondent
  2. Create a Report or Dashboard with a Trend Line Chart showing the score of the respondents.
  3. Create a Report or Dashboard with an Average Score Chart.
  4. Show the score of the entire survey or a specific page to the respondent.
  5. Show respondents a message based on the score they have achieved. 
  6. Set up an Email Alert or Email Response

1. View the Survey Score for each Respondent in Exports

For every scored survey, Checkbox will include the respondent's score whenever you export your survey responses. Just navigate to the “Response tab” of your survey and from the download option, select “Download responses”. From the menu that appears, make sure that “Detailed score info” is selected if you want to get a detailed insight into the scores of your respondents.

2. Create a Report or Dashboard with a Trend Line Chart

If you’d like to report on the average score for a question over time, you can choose the Trend Line chart when editing your Report or Dashboard:

  1. Navigate to the “Report” tab of the survey and select “Edit”. 
  2. Once the report appears, go to the questions that you want to show the average scores for, and click on the “Edit” icon.
  3. From the menu that appears, select the “Trend line” chart and save the changes.

3. Create a Report or Dashboard with an Average Score Chart

If you’d like to report on the average score by question, by page, or by survey across all of your respondents, you can choose an Average Score or Average Score by Page chart when editing your Report or Dashboard.

4. Adding survey/page score to a display item

Checkbox provides users with the option to showcase the score of the entire survey or any specific page to their respondents. 

  1. Click on "Add Display Item" on the survey page where you wish to show the score.
  2. Select "</> Message/HTML."
  3. Compose your message in the provided space. Use the @ Merge icon adjacent to your message to insert "Current Survey Score" or "Page 'X' Score" from the dropdown menu, where 'X' is the relevant page number based on your survey's pagination.

5. Showing a display message to the respondent based on the score

Checkbox allows you to not only show the survey score to the respondent but also show a customized message based on the score. Let’s say you have created a scored survey and based on the score range, you want to show the respondent the following messages:

  1. Range (0-49): We are sorry! You have failed the test. Your score is **Acquired score**.
  2. Range (50 - 75): You have obtained **Acquired score** which is below the average score. We recommend you to take another try.
  3. Range (76-100): Congratulations you have passed the test with **Acquired score** score.

Here’s how you can do it

  1. Navigate to the page where you want the score and message displayed, typically the completion page.
  2. Click on the “Add Display Item” button and select “Add Scoring Message.”
  3. In the menu that appears, set the minimum and maximum score for your first range.
  4. In the Message box, enter the message for respondents whose scores fall within the specified range, integrating the respondent's score using the @@CurrentScore text. Then, click on the “Add Message” button.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the remaining score ranges.
  6. Click “Save” to finalize your settings

6. Set up an Email Alert or Email Response

You can send an email alert or email response that includes the respondent’s score either to the respondent or to someone else. 

  1. Click on the “Add Action Item” option on the Completion page of your survey. 
  2. Select either the “Email response (if you want to send the email to the respondent” or “Email Alert” if you wish to send the copy to someone else”. 
  3. Merge the “Current Survey Score” or “Page ‘X’ Score” into the body of the email using the “@” icon
  4.  You can even set conditions on the email alert/response so that the email is only sent if the person receives a certain score or score range.

Setting Conditions Based on Survey Score

Survey questions, messages, or action items like automatic emails can be displayed or triggered based on the score of a survey or survey page. For more general information on Conditions, please see our Conditions Guide.

To set up a condition based on the survey score, add your survey item and expand the Conditions section for that item.

  1. Select Response Property as the Source Type
  2. Select Current Survey Score as the Source to base your condition on the score for the whole survey. Select Page “X” Score to base a condition on the score of a single page.
  3. Choose a Comparison such as Less Than or Greater Than
  4. Add a value for your condition, e.g. 80 as in this example
  5. Add your action item and click “Save”.

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